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Can I Create a Yalla Account without a Phone Number?

Can I Create a Yalla Account without a Phone Number?

What is Yalla? It’s a social media service that offers chatting and networking with like-minded individuals. The app’s features revolve around voice- and video-based communication that takes place in chat rooms, group chats, etc. Yalla provides private chats to send text messages, images, smiles, etc.

The application experienced rapid growth in the Middle East during COVID-19 lockdowns. With a monthly user number of 12 million, Yalla’s success isn’t really comparable to TikTok or Instagram. However, there are several good reasons to download the Yalla app.

Yalla voice chat

Why Would You Need a Yalla Account?

Disregarding its small audience compared to competitors, it’s considered a popular app. Millions of people spend hours on Yalla listening to discussions on different topics, and chatting. The platform encourages users to use both video and voice communication formats and has added plenty of useful things here.

Yalla app

You might want to consider the app’s valuable features before you sign up for Yalla:

  • High-quality voice/video calls that support up to 32 members.
  • Fun games to play with friends.
  • Group chats can help you stay connected with the close ones.
  • Private messaging with strong encryption.
  • Stories, known as ‘moments’ in the app.
  • The ‘Discover’ feature is dedicated to helping you find new games, news, friends.
  • Track the accurate praying times via the ‘Athan’ feature, designed for Muslims.

So, what’s so unique about it that would make you download the Yalla app? The platform uses AI-powered measures to ensure safety and reliability. Politics, religion, and adult content are off-limits, and developers work hard to provide the most comfortable experience for most customers.

The app is free on all major mobile systems and supports multiplatform functions, meaning that the users of both operational systems can share the same pool of chatrooms and group calls with a high-quality connection and stability. So, you can sign up for Yalla if you want to obtain a social media application with an Arabian vibe.

How to Sign up For Yalla?

The registration consists of several clear steps that you can complete within minutes. The process requests some private details, including a phone number that you need to verify via a six-digit SMS code and a password. After you submit this information, you can enter and add optional info about yourself.

The reason Yalla asks for your mobile number stand is the need to ensure the privacy and safety of Yalla account owners. All calls, video/audio content, and text messages are secured via encryption protocols, which require mobile phone numbers to operate. Additionally, it’s a tool to find and ban scammers and rule-breakers.

The company hasn’t been caught mishandling customer data. It experienced no leaks or security breaches either. There’s no inherent risk in providing your phone number for Yalla. Yalla’s security system is excellent, but it’s not unwise to avoid sharing such private information with companies, as well.

Moreover, it may be inconvenient for users who value maximum web security and anonymity. There are unorthodox private methods of registering, which involve spare SIMs, eSIM cards, and auto-generated virtual numbers. The latter option is the most optimal, under the circumstance.

What Are Virtual Numbers & How to Register Using Them?

Virtual numbers are a part of the cloud-based technology that requires no specific hardware or additional software to operate. You can effortlessly buy any national number from the comfort of your home. So, If you download Yalla app, you can use virtual numbers to register, they’re untraceable, legal, and stable.

SMS-Man is a major vendor of virtual numbers. These are the 100% anonymous numbers that can be used to create multiple accounts or accept one-time verification codes, which you submit to sign up for Yalla. You can buy a one-time message or rent a number for longer.

The one-time numbers are better, as they do the same job for cheap. The list supports 1000+ apps, but the price for a particular service may vary. It rarely exceeds $1, so it’s clearly a cost-effective investment.

virtual phone number for Yalla

So, what is Yalla registration using a one-time virtual number like? Check the guide:

  1. Open, create an account and log in.
  2. Refill your balance on the special tab.
  3. Go back to the order page by clicking “buy SMS”.
  4. Choose one of the countries and “Yalla” service from the list.
  5. Click the purchase button to finalize your order.
  6. Find the “History” section and copy the virtual phone number for Yalla.
  7. Enter it during registration and wait for the confirmation code.
  8. Get the code by clicking “Get SMS” and complete the registration.

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