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Buy an inexpensive Amazon account

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The American e-commerce giant has been crowded in its home market for many years. Russians have long come to this site, and today we will tell you how easy it is to buy an Amazon account from just 0.25 cents using a virtual number.

Note that buying accounts in social networks and marketplaces in this way is much cheaper and more reliable than buying ready-made accounts with a cloudy history. In addition, registering an account with a virtual number is much less hassle than buying an extra SIM card.

You can also learn how to register a profile on without using a personal phone number. At this link.

Well, before reading our instructions, visit There’s a service for the sale and rental of virtual numbers. With his help, you can register as many profiles on Amazon. Only from 0.19 cents!

Reasons to buy an Amazon seller or buyer account?

причины купить аккаунт амазон

Since we are talking about a huge marketplace, it is clear that people go there to sell and buy a variety of products. Accordingly, you will need to buy an account on Amazon if:

  • You have your own business selling goods from Russia, and you need additional (technical) pages. To promote your products, for example. Or to arrange delivery of goods to your store using Amazon Prime;
  • You sell and buy with this service and you want to separate these activities into different profiles;
  • As a customer, you start to encounter regional restrictions. That’s what you need to buy an Amazon buyer account to get around them.

And this, of course, is an incomplete list.

Buy an Amazon account with “SMS-man” service

смс ман купить аккаунт амазон

Try to make a list of requirements for the goods and services you are going to pay for. Now compare it with the list below. We’re sure you’ll find the vast majority of matches.

So, if you buy an Amazon merchant account with a virtual number, you get:

  • A quality and reliable service. What you pay for is what’s yours. No more, no less;
  • Low prices. Lower than if you buy a ready-made account with an unknown history or a new sim card;
  • Security. You won’t have to “reveal” your personal information, including contact information;
  • Any number of accounts. However many you need. It is very easy to buy an Amazon aws account and not only!
  • Professional tech support that will really bail you out if you suddenly encounter difficulties (which is unlikely).

Buy an Amazon account: step-by-step instructions

Well, so that you do not have any questions, here is a handy instruction. With it you can easily buy an Amazon account to buy goods from the U.S. or any other online marketplace or social network. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the page in your browser. You will not miss the button with the registration. Go through it, it is not difficult and very fast;
  2. In parallel, you can get acquainted with all the services of “SMS-man” (spoiler: there are hundreds of the most popular Internet resources, and you can use the numbers of more than two hundred countries to register for them!)
  3. Refill your account in any way convenient for you. You can pay by bank card or bitcoins. All actual methods of payment are in use here. You can buy an aws Amazon account for only 0.25 cents when using a Russian phone number;
  4. Specify the operator’s country and select the service you need; (Choose any country and the Amazon)
  5. Use the received phone number to register a new Amazon account in the standard way;
  6. An activation message from the service will come to your personal account on Use the received verification code to complete the registration of a new profile on Amazon.
  7. Done. Now you can use your new account at your discretion.As you see the service of virtual numbers “SMS-man” offers a convenient, inexpensive, and most importantly – a reliable way to buy a new account on Amazon by receiving activation messages. Today it is the best way to sign up for more accounts on the web. Use it wisely!
  8. In addition, we have a Telegram channel in which you can get a number for free!

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