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Buy a PayPal account at a minimum price on SMS-Man

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PayPal is the most popular payment system in the world. It is accepted by practically every sizable internet retailer in the West. Those who have an account on this service might make immediate money transfers to their friends and relatives in any country and just make online payments wherever it is possible. However, unfortunately, it is not perfect. Due to some law regulations, this payment system doesn’t work properly or not available at all in multiple countries. That’s why many people want to buy a PayPal account that will have all features available. Here is how to do this with our platform.

Is it worth buying PayPal accounts?

This is not difficult to purchase such accounts these days. There are multiple services on the web that sell them. They are used by those who utilize this payment system for business and some other tasks as in such cases it is often necessary to have multiple profiles. But this method also has several disadvantages. Users that are planning to buy a PayPal account with completed verification could experience adverse consequences.

First of all, there is always the possibility of losing funds. No one can guarantee that person who sells accounts won’t log in to them after some time once sold. This creates the risk of money kept on the account balance being stolen at any time of the day. Moreover, such profiles just usually cost a lot of money. Most often one verified account costs anything from $80 and $200.

Everyone decides for themselves to go that way. However, instead of taking the dangers described above, it makes more sense to make a PayPal account by yourself using a temporary phone number. Such a phone number allows signing up for a payment system under review even in unsupported countries and staying sure that no one will access created profile at one day. It is also way cheaper. You can create tens of accounts with temporary numbers at cost of already registered accounts.

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Why make new PayPal account with SMS-Man?

Our service has been providing temporary phone numbers for registration for many years. The primary benefit that users get in the first place is low cost. For example, one temporary number for registration on PayPal costs 0.60$ on average. In addition to low cost, users might enjoy some other benefits:

  • Registration with any service. You can use our solutions not only to make a PayPal account. They are also suitable for registering accounts on other online services.
  • Convenient user interface. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to purchase a temporary phone number due to the user-friendly design and system overall.
  • Automated process. Platform operates in an automated manner which makes it possible to enjoy whenever required.
  • Multiple payment methods. There is no need to worry about having no option to pay for service. Users are offered all popular payment methods.
  • Prompt customer support service. Difficulties of any type are ready to be solved by competent specialists that work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thereby, using it is definitely a good decision. You are not only saving money and minimizing financial risks but also getting into a convenient area where everything is simple even for those who have no relevant experience.

How to get a temporary number to make a PayPal account?

Getting and using a temporary phone number for an appropriate purpose is easy. It takes having only a mobile phone or PC with an internet connection. You can accomplish this task within minutes. Except for those who want to bypass various restrictions, this method is popular among users that want to sign up for PayPal without phone number as then the need to operate a personal mobile number completely disappears. For one reason or another, follow these steps to achieve the intended goal:

1. Open the website on your mobile phone or PC and register an account.

2. Recharge the balance in a convenient way.

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3. Move to the homepage and select in which country the temporary number should be issued.

4. Explore the tab with online services to find PayPal.

5. Buy a temporary phone number.

Now it’s only left to use this number to register a profile on PayPal. This process consists of two steps only. Firstly, provide a temporary number as a registration option. It goes in the same way as with a regular phone number. Then, once done with that, receive the verification code and use it to create an account. There is no more need to buy a PayPal account anymore. Temporary phone numbers allow creating a completely private account at a lower cost whenever you are.


It has been not so many years since temporary numbers appeared on the market. However, they became way more useful after appearance. Nowadays there are not many people who ask “Where can I buy a PayPal profile?” or similar questions. Temporary phone numbers made it unnecessary. You can use them to save a lot of money when using this payment system and stop worrying about security. There are only benefits to this feature.

But this doesn’t mean that it makes no sense to buy a PayPal account. Giving it a shot worth it in some, even though less amount of cases. This is all about capabilities and targeted goals.
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