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WooCommerce: create account without a phone number

WooCommerce account

E-commerce is everywhere. There is nothing weird about this though. Electronic commerce is becoming more popular in parallel with the spread of the internet in the world. Most people use this phenomenon in way of purchasing various goods on the web. But there are also many those who represent another side, that is run online shops and sell various stuff to other users. In this article, we will talk about what is WooCommerce and how to sign up for a WooCommerce account without a phone number. This platform is in wide use by people from the second category or in other words sellers. You are one of them or planning to start selling online? Then it definitely will be useful for you.

WooCommerce platform

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a pretty popular product. However, despite this, even many experienced sellers don’t know about it yet. Basically, it is an open-source and configurable electronic commerce platform that operates in form of plugins and extensions for WordPress. The main target audience of this platform is both small and big internet commercial projects. It is popular among users for its simplicity of use and ease of setup while being free at the same time.

A WooCommerce account gives access to more than 100 extensions, over 1000 plugins, and numerous add-ons to choose from. In addition, users are offered thousands of different themes which are available on both ThemeForest and WordPress. Solutions of this platform are used by millions of websites around the world in all niches. There is no question why though. It is a great choice for inexperienced as well as experienced entrepreneurs.

WooCommerce design

How to create a WooCommerce account without a phone number?

Signing up for this platform is like using its solutions. It is quick and simple. You don’t even have to install anything. Moreover, there is also no need to verify a mobile phone number. So it is unnecessary to buy or rent, for example, a temporary phone number for WooCommerce. The whole process takes only a few minutes. You will get access to all solutions of the company right after completing it. Just follow our instructions below:

1. Open the official website of the platform.

2. Proceed to the WooCommerce sign up page.

3. Enter your personal email address, username, and password.

4. Set up other parameters for the account depending on your goal.

5. Get access to the service.

This is it. You don’t have to do anything else or go through verification of any kind. Registration on the platform is simple. Now you know how to complete WooCommerce registration without phone number in minutes Everyone can perform this action.

Need a temporary phone number for another service?

It is not necessary to use a mobile number to make a WooCommerce account. You can do this without it. But there might appear such a need when signing up for another similar service. SMS-Man provides an opportunity to do this avoiding usage of the personal mobile phone number if it is undesirable or just not possible technically. The reason doesn’t matter at all. Everything there to do is to get a temporary number that is set up for use with the certain platform and then operate it to reach the desired outcome.

Basically, temporary phone numbers work with all existing websites and apps. So they are a pretty good choice if it is about completing registration with mandatory mobile number verification without using your own number. They always show themselves perfectly in such cases.

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