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Browsers user agent, what it is and how to change it

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Different kinds of services collect a lot of facts about the users. In this article I will tell you how change browser identification.

Different kinds of services collect a lot of facts about the users. The browsers user agent is a file extracted from the user’s operating system and stores important information. This is so that the site knows the user by name.

In the past, many sites have had their user agent configured on a particular browser and users have had to change it. This tool was created by the developers and is very convenient to check the service using different devices.

change browser identification

Everything you can get out of the windows user agent does not hold any sensitive information. But it is taken to scan the user. This makes the user agent browsers very annoying for people who have several accounts in the messengers and different services. The servers see the cheating, and block all the accounts that work from the same device. It turns out that people lose money and time.

To prevent this, advanced users use user agent switching browsers. In fact it would be useful for many, using such a method has its advantages. For example, changing the user agent will help you remain anonymous and secure both your computer and all the data it contains.

How to disable change browser identification agent

The method of changing can vary slightly. Sometimes, changing the windows user agent is just a couple of mouse clicks away, sometimes the path gets a bit longer. But you can take advantage of the instructions on changing the browser user agent below.

Changing the user agent firefox

It’s easy to change the user agent directly from underneath the command line of the browser itself. All you need to do is

  • Type in about:config
  • You need to click on “New”, then “String”.
  • Give a name, it has to be “general.User Agent.override”
  • Define the user agent and confirm your action.

change browser identification

How to change browser identification

The change is made in the browser itself. All you need are the developer tools. You need to carry out a few steps:

  • Go to “Developer Tools”, just press F12
  • Click on the menu button at the top to change the browser’s user agent.
  • Do you see the following window? Select “More Tools” and then “Network conditions”.
  • You will need the “User Agent” section.
  • Uncheck “Select automatically”.

You are left to select or register a new User Agent.

Как поменять юзер агент браузеров на базе Chromium
Changing google chrome user agent

Works on all new versions of the browser. All you need to do:

  • Go to the browser “properties”, through the browser shortcut.
  • Type -user-agent=”(your desired User Agent)
  • Confirm the action by saving the browser’s user agent settings.

You can also just use Win+R to type the same command.

Подмена user agent google chrome
Modify browser user agent

A few actions below help you modify the browser features. There are only two steps:

  • Type opera:config#UserPrefs|CustomUser-Agent in the open tab of your browser.
  • Type in the desired browser user agent.

It is possible that you will need to use a third-party application or extension. But all this can easily be found on Yandex.

Changing your browser’s user agent

It is recommended to use a special application called User-Agent Switcher. It does not imply anything complicated, and once it is installed, you will only need to make a couple of clicks.

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