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Blockchain: sign up without a phone number

Blockchain verification

Cryptocurrencies are slowly but steadily getting recognition among regular people and large companies. Every day there appear new platforms for trading, investing, and holding tokens. However, most of them, even those that launched a long time ago, nowadays pay huge attention to the identity verification of their users. Because of this, using their features might be difficult for some people. That is especially true for situations when it comes to completing KYC. In this article, we will explain how anyone can register an account and pass Blockchain verification without a phone number.

Blockchain logo

Main features of the platform

Blockchain is a company that offers cryptocurrency financial services. Started in 2011 as the first blockchain explorer for Bitcoin, these days it offers a lot of different solutions. First of all, their list includes a simple and secure cryptocurrency wallet. This feature allows basically any owner of a Blockchain account from anywhere in the world to safely store tokens in one place. It also can be used to send and receive various cryptocurrencies within a few clicks.

The second significant solution is the exchange service. You can use it to instantly purchase or swap popular tokens without taking any risks of losing funds. Other solutions are presented by lending services and fresh market data, charts, and analytics. Using all of them as well as a cryptocurrency wallet is possible with both the official website and mobile app. But in most cases, it will be necessary to have a registered profile.

Blockchain account registration without a phone number

Creating such a profile on this platform is pretty simple. Potential users don’t have to perform any complicated actions and provide specific personal data during that process. So, in fact, it takes just several minutes. In addition, users may do it through either a web platform or a mobile app. This makes it possible to create Blockchain account in any situation. We will show how to do this through the web platform:

1. Proceed to the official website of Blockchain.

2. Click on the “Sign Up” button at the right top corner of the page.

3. Fill out suggested fields and accept the terms of service as well as the privacy policy.

4. Verify provided email address by using obtained verification code.

5. Get access to your new profile.

As can be seen, it is not really necessary to operate a mobile phone number at all during Blockchain sign up process. Basically, everything that potential users have to do is perform simple actions which are similar to those from any other online service. However, in order to access all features of the platform, there still will be a need to complete verification which involves using, among other things, a mobile phone number. Don’t have one available or would like to remain anonymous in this case? Then just take advantage of a fake phone number.

Blockchain verification using fake number

Modern technologies provide everyone with the opportunity to bypass verification via SMS on any online service. It is not even needed to go anywhere to use it. You just need to use tools from appropriate platforms like ours. They allow getting a fake phone number that is set up to receive a Blockchain verification code in a few clicks. Moreover, such a solution doesn’t cost much and is definitely way cheaper than getting a separate SIM card. Here is how to get and activate a fake number:

1. Make a profile at and replenish your balance in a suitable way.

2. On the main page of the service find the Blockchain phone verification option in the appropriate country.

3. Click the purchase button.

4. Use the received fake number for verification.

5. Tap on “Get SMS” to see the code.

Now just enter the revealed digits on the verification page. Your account will be verified with a used fake phone number. Everything to do after this is to complete other steps of Blockchain verification to get full access to the features of the platform. Using fake numbers is not difficult at all and now you know that.

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