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Zoosk: father of datings

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Zoosk is one of the oldest available dating websites/apps that people can use. It launched about 10 years ago and has grown to more than 35 million users. Of course, like other dating apps, it requires you to connect your Facebook or phone number. Can one use Zoosk without Facebook or their personal phone number?

Why Zoosk For Your Next Connection?

Before the question can be answered of whether or not you can use Zoosk without connecting your personal phone or Facebook, it’s good to learn what makes this dating app unique to the many others you can be using.

Zoosk Smart Pick

What makes Zoosk so different from other dating apps is that it uses the actions it learns from those users to customize the experience and offer them matches that better fit their preference. To find your perfect match, you just swipe to the profiles you like best and connect with that person. There are two ways in which you connect to other Zoosk singles:

  • Carousel Mode – This is a quick way to look through profiles, with you swiping the app. You see a profile picture and make up your mind that way.
  • Search Mode – You can filter through users based on your preferred factors – age, location, body type, education level, religion, etc.

You can also send messages, smiles and likes to entice users to check your profile out.

The Zoosk dating app is regarded as one of the safest dating apps offered in the market, thanks to its photo verification tool.  With this tool, users can know who they are talking to. However, the app goes even further by asking for both social media account and phone number verifications.

What if you don’t want to verify your social media and phone number? Can you use the app? It is possible, but remember, to get the most out of the app, it is best if you do.

Now, for many people, the problem about linking their social media account and phone number is the lack of privacy. It means people they don’t know are privy to their inner circle’s information. It may cause some hesitation for people to use the dating app.

However, you’ll be glad to know that it is possible to use Zoosk without Facebook.

Don’t Give Up Your Privacy: How To Use Zoosk Without Facebook

Stay anonymous on Zoosk, use temporary phone numbers

If you’re worried about confidentiality, rest assured there are ways in which to use the app without connecting your social media account or personal phone number. However, be sure you read each site’s terms of service to ensure you don’t violate them.

Create A New FB For Zoosk Only

Since app requires a Facebook account to use its services, you can create a Zoosk-only Facebook account. Create the new account using a pseudonym (something you may be called already or don’t mind as an alias)

Again, you need to read FB’s terms of service carefully. Creating more than one account on FB is a violation of its terms of service. Thus, creating a FB that doesn’t tie back to your “actual” FB account is the only way to bypass it. And, the only way to keep your identity safe is to create a Zoosk-only FB.

Since FB requires a phone number to verify identities, you need to use another number not listed on your actual FB account. You can attain one from SMS-Man. The number is temporary, lasting 10 minutes total – just enough time to verify your new FB account.

Sign-Up to Zoosk With A Temporary Burner Phone Number

Signing up with Zoosk without Facebook is possible with a one-time usable phone number. You can get this number by visiting SMS-Man, which will generate this number for you. The number is good long enough to verify your Zoosk account (the number is also usable for other sites but will expire after 10 minutes).

You Can Safely Date Using Zoosk

While Zoosk demands some type of personal identification to use its services, it is entirely possible to bypass it by setting up the account using a Zoosk-FB-only account or using a randomized one-time-only phone number. Using Zoosk without Facebook means going around the site’s terms of service. However, if your privacy is something that concerns you, having a random number from SMS-Man is the only way to use Zoosk without giving away your personal information.

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