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Twitch banned: how to unblok account in 2023

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Twitch ban

Why Twitch ban accounts?

In addition to the standard violations have recently begun to ban the accounts of streamers who play online casinos. Many people initially thought that they were banning for the fact of strikes at the casino, but it turned out to be much more prosaic. Some streamers bought bonuses 50/50 with viewers giving out half of the plus of winnings. The security forces saw an opportunity to launder money through this entertainment with the streamer, and appealed to the administration Twitch with a request to block all the accounts, which traded in it.

An interesting fact, more recently, the site has visited Twitch Drake with the streaming on the casino.

There is another interesting rule that could get your account banned. If you invite someone to your stream who is banned on Twitch, your account will also go into lock.

How to unblock a twitch banned account.

There are two types of blocking:

  • Temporary blocking – if the misdemeanor is not very serious the platform will give a blocking for a period of 24 hours to a month. In the case of repeated violations, the channel can be ban indefinitely without the right to unblock twitch.
  • Indefinite blocking – If the offense is serious or you repeatedly violate the rules, the blocking will be indefinite. You will not be able to appeal against this action.


While your account in ban, your subscriptions will not be renewed and you will not be charged for them.
If you did not violate any rules and the restriction was incorrectly issue, you may appeal within 60 days of the penalty being issued. You can do that by clicking here.
If your account has been permanently in ban, you will have to create a new account. We advise you to register a second account with a virtual number.

You're about to go live

Virtual Numbers

Virtual numbers are buy for sign up second accounts, or accounts on services where you got ban (or if you don’t want to leave your number on the sites). One of these services is SMS-MAN. It will please you with prices, a wide range of countries and services, and support will help you to solve all your questions.
There are several types of rent numbers:

  • OTP number is a number for rent for one-time confirmation of the account in a particular service. Suitable if you need one confirmation code.
  • Number RENT – long-term lease of one number for several hours to several months. You can register multiple accounts on this number and receive as many texts as you want.
    API – This is a way to purchase multiple numbers at once through our app or when you need it through requests in your program.

Twitch Account Registration if your previous twitch banned

Let’s try to register a Twitch account using an OTP number, as we only need one confirmation code.
– To do this, you first need to register your account with SMS-MAN.sign up SMS-MAN

And also refill the account by choosing a convenient way for you.payment SMS-MAN
– Choose the country in which our account will be located. In fact the difference is not very big, it does not affect anything, it’s more about the price.
– Below is a list of services, looking for Twitchtwitch
– Next, go to Twitch and open the account registration window. Choose the country whose number you have chosen and insert the number issued. When all the fields are filled in confirm by click on the button.
– Now we need to get a confirmation code on the site where we took a virtual number. To do this we press request code. The code past in the window on Twitch.
– The account is ready!

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