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What is ChatGPT and How to Register without a Phone Number

OpenAI account

There are a lot of cases when hype appeared to be not real. But it doesn’t seem to be the case with ChatGPT. Even though this project is not perfect and has many things to fix or improve, there are millions of people who use it and probably even more of those who would like to. Sadly, formally registering an OpenAI account is impossible in many countries around the world. This situation is due to the fact that verifying a mobile phone number is required throughout the registration procedure and there is a whole list of countries in which the phone numbers were issued that are not supported. We know how to bypass this restriction.

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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a relatively new project. Its main audience is people from the software industry. Thus, it is not rare to see the opinion that it is something complicated to use. However, this opinion has nothing to do with reality. There are also a lot of regular internet users who enjoy it. So let’s see what is that project.

Basically, it is just another AI chatbot. You can make requests or ask it questions and get appropriate answers. But it is not only about mimicking human conversation. For example, it is trained to write and debug programming codes and programs. Moreover, users also can utilize this chatbot to compose music, teleplays, fairy tales, and student essays. Other features of that project are the following:

  • Writing music lyrics and poetry;
  • Simulating an entire group chat;
  • Playing games like tic-tac-toe;

ChatGPT also keeps track of earlier commands issued to it within the same chat. To summarize, this chatbot is obviously far ahead of other competitors. So no wonder why it is so popular.

OpenAI on mobile phone

How to make an OpenAI account in an unsupported country?

First of all, let’s start with the fact that this project works in a limited number of countries. It is not like it works everywhere and there are only 3 or 5 unsupported or even restricted places. There are much more. So, no wonder that almost immediately there appeared simple and effective option to create an OpenAI account in any of those countries. This became possible with fake phone numbers for registration.

Basically, fake numbers can be issued in any country and then used by people living in another country. There is no issue with this at all as they work over the internet. It is not necessary to move anywhere to get a SIM card or anything else. Everything happens online and takes not more than a few minutes of your personal time. You can use them in order to sign up for any website or app if it doesn’t support your country of residence.

Where to get a fake phone number to create an OpenAI account?

It’s not difficult at all in the modern era. Fake numbers are available for purchase and use on various online services including us. SMS-Man offers one of the cheapest numbers in the industry. The cheapest fake phone number for creating an OpenAI account on our platform costs $0.64. Thereby, it is not only an effective but also an affordable solution. You can obtain it in the following manner:

1. Register a new account at and proceed to the payment tab.

2. Use a suitable payment method to replenish your balance with funds for purchasing a fake number.

payment SMS-MAN

3. Open the start page of the platform, find a section with countries and one that is supported by OpenAI.

4. Search for OpenAI on the second tab.

5. Confirm purchasing a fake phone number by clicking on the relevant button.

This is it. Everything there to do after this is to use the received fake number for the intended purpose. Firstly, copy this number on our platform and start registering an OpenAI account on the official website. When there appears a need to provide a mobile phone number, simply paste your fake phone number on the form and request a verification code. The code will arrive on our platform. So, in order to see it, open our service and reveal it by clicking on “Get SMS”. Using this code is the last step in the process.

Don’t forget to use VPN when sign up for ChatGPT

There is nothing wrong with using fake numbers from other countries. You’re less likely to get restricted or blocked because of this. But there is still a small chance of this. Due to this, it is better to at least register a new account with VPN. Using it with it on will make the situation only better. Your server country on VPN should match the country of the fake number. This will completely make you look like being from another country and exclude all possible risks.

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