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Virtual phone number to GreenDot activation 2022

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This article will tell you how to get virtual phone number to GreenDot activation in 2022

GreenDot products and services

GreenDot manufactures and manages rechargeable retail cards and gift cards and is the largest provider of prepaid GPR cards in the United States. The company issues debit cards under Visa. GreenDot participates in several GPR card programs and also offers Visa gift cards. The company has long-standing distribution arrangements with many retailers, including Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc.

The company operates a GoBank mobile checking account designed for use with cell phones. This service is available both in-store at Walmart and online. Customers have no overdraft or NSF fees. $ 8. 95 monthly membership is free for any month when customers make direct deposits of at least $500. Customers can order a package of 12 paper checks for $5. 95.

Through its subsidiary, TPG Capital GreenDot is the largest tax refund processor in the United States. Its tax refund services are integrated into the offerings of partner tax software companies. Through these arrangements, GreenDot serves about 25,000 independent online advisors and accountants in various countries across the country.

GreenDot’s products and services are available through what it calls an “undistributed bank distribution network” of more than 100,000 locations in the U.S. and online. Physical locations include retailers, neighborhood microfinance centers, tax preparation offices and app stores.

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How to Create GreenDot Account


  1. First, the form will request for your Email address, First name and last name. Then click “CONTINUE”.
  2.  You may be prompted to pass the security check, proofing that you’re a human creating this account.
  3. The first stage processes and get to this stage where you have to provide your residential address and zip code. Also, your phone number will be asked – and a code will be sent to your phone for verification purposes.
  4. You’ll be asked to provide your date of birth and SSN (State Security Number). Then click “SUBMIT”.At this part you will need  to use SMS-MAN service to receive sms for otp
  5. Then verify your phone number using the code that will be sent to you.

Congrats! You have successfully completed the steps to create Green Dot Account now. Now its time to apply for a card and get it activated using the steps below.

You can get a new Green Dot card in two ways, either buying a temporary card at a participating retailer or buying a card online. If you buy Green Dot card online then you’ll as well have to register and activate it at the same time.

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