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Ticketmaster: how to work with the booking system



Ticketmaster is the largest e-ticketing system available today. It integrates the possibility to buy tickets for any art, concert, sport and any other live event. In this article I will tell you how to work with Ticketmaster

It becomes possible to buy tickets, which are always in great demand, for museums of the first magnitude in any country of the world.

The Ticketmaster com resource has a separate domain zone for the site of each represented country: co.uk for Great Britain, be for Belgium and es for Spain. Similarly, domain zones are distributed for other countries of the world. Only the hosting name remains unchanged – Ticketmaster.

Each site will require a separate registration procedure. Using one account will not work.

Ticketmaster — самая крупная из существующих на сегодня систем, для покупки электронных билетов

Ticketmaster for user account registration


Let’s look at an example of how to fill out the registration form. The registration/log-in link is located in the upper right corner of the site. After clicking on it, a form will open in front of you. It will require entering data for authorization on the site, or to register a new ticketmaster.com account.

Тикетмастер регистрации аккаунта пользователя

In the registration form you will need to specify several items of your personal data, namely:

  • Your email address;
  • Your Name and Surname;
  • Set a desired password:
  • Specify your country of residence;
  • ZIP code of your geolocation, this is the same as the zip code.

After that, press the “Next” button. The next step, you need to specify the phone number. It must be the number of the country specified in the registration.

Регистрация в ticketmaster com без номера телефона

And this is the step where most potential users of the

Ticketmaster service, a difficulty arises. It can be assumed that you also do not know where to get the number of another country. It could be the number of the United Kingdom, or, for example, Germany. The average Russian user simply has nowhere to get such a number. But there is a simple way out of this situation, and we’ll tell you about it right now.

Register at ticketmaster.com without a phone number

All you need to do is register with the SMS-MAN activation service. Immediately after refilling the balance of the service, you will be able to use a virtual phone number to register at ticketmaster.com. You will choose numbers from any country all over the world. You can not worry about the cost of services, virtual number will cost you only $0.15-0.20. This is an incommensurably low price for such a service.

In order to register at ticketmaster.com, you should use a simple registration on the service for receiving virtual sms, top up your balance through any convenient service

Specify the received number in the ticketmaster com registration form, and a message will be sent to it. The activation code from the message, will be in the proper section of the service.

Difficulties with its use usually do not arise, but the site has a support chat, which works 24/7. If you do encounter difficulties, you can always get expert advice.

After entering the code from the incoming message, mark your agreement with the rules of the Ticketmaster system. You can do this by checking the appropriate box. You only need to click on the link built into the “Confirm” button.

The registration process is complete.To the e-mail, you will receive a welcome letter of a new ticketmaster.com user. No need to confirm by email. Now you can buy tickets to the event you want.

You can also use the Telegram channel to get a free number

How to buy a ticket on ticketmaster.com

The system displays the information that you will receive confirmation of payment for the event after purchasing your ticket. It will be sent by e-mail. However, you may need to go to the box office and exchange the printout for an official ticket for the show. The Ticketmaster notification itself is not a ticket, but only a confirmation of payment.

In most cases, it’s just a warning that doesn’t make much sense. When you order tickets (no matter where it is done, in the web version of the resource or in the mobile app), you will receive ready-made tickets. They will be marked with a bar/QR-code. This is what will confirm your involvement in them.

Как купить билет на ticketmaster com

The very procedure of paying for tickets on ticketmaster com can cost you money. For example, even for printed tickets you will have to pay a surcharge of 1.34 euros. This also applies to tickets purchased in the official Ticketmaster mobile app.

An important point.

In the English version of the Ticketmaster site, tickets may be free. Take advantage of this as needed. For example, when the benefit to you will be an obvious fact.

You will have the opportunity to purchase tickets to an event that, due to some conditions, you may simply not be able to get to. You will also have the opportunity to get into a show or museum without taking a seat in the general line. Only ticketmaster com ticket holders have this privilege.

However, to avoid a surcharge, it is better to check the availability of tickets at the official resource of the proposed event (museum, concert or stadium).

Buying a Ticketmaster Ticket

Go to the page of the event you want to attend. Select the number of tickets you want. Ticketmaster com offers a maximum of ten tickets at a time. You can then proceed to purchase tickets by going to the “Get Tickets” section.

Now everything will depend on which version of the Ticketmaster domain name you are using. For example, using the eng version, you will go straight to the payment page. The French version of the site will first ask you to pay an insurance of 2 euros. This will give you the opportunity to sell tickets on the service. If you do not use it, you will not be able to cancel the ticket. In this case, any of your excuses, will be considered invalid.

Important point. The ticketmaster com insurance policy is only valid for EU citizens.

If you are not, it is better to cancel your insurance. You can do this by clicking on the box next to “No, thank you”.

After that you will need to choose one of the shipping options. Based on this, a surcharge of 1.45/14.9/25 on the currency of the service will be calculated. Calculations are made in euros. That’s all. It remains only to select the method of payment, and complete the purchase process.

Here’s what the resource itself writes: “In order for you to buy a ticket for sports, entertainment and live concerts on your behalf, use the payment service. It can be understood as : “To buy a ticket for sports, entertainment events and live concerts, use the payment service.

If you pay by card, you can save its data for future purchases. The resource has serious security, and all data is stored in encrypted form. So the function looks quite useful and safe. You can make a payment from any card, from any bank. Even debit cards, which are not personal cards, will do.

E-tickets ticketmaster.com

Each ticket you buy will contain a personal QR code. It is personal. Ticketmaster warns users that if a stranger uses the QR code of your ticket, you won’t be able to enter the event. The ticket will be invalid, it will be added to the list of used tickets. It is better to have your passport. You can use it to check the correspondence of your name in the document and on the ticket.

Date and time of the event, can be changed in advance. In this case, you will not receive any notification from Ticketmaster. On this basis, you should check for yourself if there are any changes in the schedule even one day before the upcoming show.

Note that the ticket must be printed on a blank sheet of paper. It is better to use a quality printer. Any blots and corrections are unacceptable.

Refund tickets

It will be useful to read the terms of purchase, for example, by copying them, in the same Google translator. Usually the condition that the ticket is neither exchangeable, nor refundable looks like “the ticket is neither exchangeable, nor refundable”.

Условия возврата билета Ticketmaster com


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