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Surveytime Review: Registration, Benefits and Earnings

Surveytime Review: Registration, Benefits and Earnings

Surveytime is a survey application that is designed to study user behavior. The service’s special algorithms find appropriate surveys for you to take. Since its launch in 2018 by, it has attracted many users due to the key benefit that you can earn money by taking surveys.

The software is useful and simple, but many people don’t know the site’s features, nuances, ways to benefit from the polls and enrollment details as they require an authorized account. It’s a full-scope Surveytime review, let’s start with the main features of the app & how it works.

survey time homepage preview

What is Surveytime feature-wise?

The application generates all surveys thanks to special software. It looks for surveys that match your characteristics that you described in your welcome form after registration. If the system cannot find a matching survey, it prompts you to come back later. The system then redirects you to the survey creator’s website.

No profile section is available in the Surveytime app. You can’t see the surveys you finished, interact with others, or create your polls for them. Only five sections compose their website for first-time visitors: Home, Login, Registration, FAQ, and Ambassador Program.

You can get additional surveys in your inbox. Before clicking ‘take survey’, you can see the viewers’ number, the time it takes, and if it’s available on mobile or desktop.

surveytime app

Can I get money using Surveytime app?

This company offers two ways for Surveytime account holders to make money:

  • You can earn immediately after completing the survey. Payment varies depending on the survey and can be up to $1;
  • The Ambassador program helps influencers like bloggers, actors and media channel hosts with active audiences earn money by attracting new users.

Considering the polls may take 10 minutes on average in return for $0.5-1, you can earn $5-10 day-to-day for passing the polls. To find out the income for ambassadors, you need to contact the service administration. Methods such as PayPal and cryptocurrency are available for withdrawal. Also, you can convert your earnings into coupons for Amazon, Target, and Decathlon.

If interested, download it on IOS/Android or visit the site. Surveytime registration is needed to use the service. It’s wise to consider all details and underwater rocks of the procedure first.

Surveytime Registration Process

Registering at Surveytime is not much different from other similar platforms. To register, you will need to provide information such as:

  • Enter your email address;
  • Specify your phone number;
  • Verify them;
  • Add your name.

After that, the system will send you an account password to the specified e-mail address.

surveytime registration

As said in FAQ, they don’t use the Surveytime account owners’ data. The address is an element of the reward process – they send them right to the customers. A mobile number is required for similar needs: certain rewards need mobile verification.

Сertain users prefer not to give any personal data but want to take surveys. They think the data may be hacked, sold, or leaked disregarding security measures. These users might consider the bypass option like creating a Surveytime account using a virtual phone number and generated email.

Account transfer is problematic: first, it’s hard to find a living account, and second, it’s traceable and punishable. Virtual phone numbers are different: they’re untraceable, SIM/phone-free, and don’t require anything extra. Various websites provide this solution, with different underwater rocks.

Create Surveytime Account without a Phone Number

SMS-man can help you create and verify an account during the Surveytime registration process. In addition, you can use this method to sign up for other sites or applications that require phone number verification via SMS.

virtual phone number for surveytime

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of using a virtual phone number to register:

  1. Go to our website at, join or log in to your account;
  2. Open the “Top Up My Balance” page, then select one of the available payment systems and make a payment;
  3. Go back to the home page, then select your mobile operator country and “Surveytime” service;
  4. Click the purchase button and find your virtual number in the History section;
  5. Enter it when you sign up for your Survey account and wait for the confirmation code;
  6. Go back to SMS-man to read it by clicking the ” Receive SMS” button;
  7. Enter the confirmation code, and then complete the registration.

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