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Spanish phone number for SMS verification

Spain phone number

Spain phone number for SMS verification is one of the most popular selections among users of appropriate platforms. You can operate this feature to receive one-time codes for registration on all online services. Since such a number works on the internet, it is also not necessary to buy a SIM card related to it, even when traveling or relocating abroad. So it is a useful and convenient solution at the same time. Below we will explain reasons for taking advantage of it as well as how to perform this task.

Spanish SIM card

Why get a Spanish phone number?

There are several reasons why people get and use phone numbers of this kind. However, most often they are the same. It doesn’t matter what country they come from in this case. There are always similar tasks and goals. For example, some people just don’t want to reveal their own phone numbers on the web in order to stay private. Thereby, they sign up for WhatsApp, Facebook, and other services with a Spain mobile number to receive SMS. Other use cases for this tool are the following:

  • Creating additional accounts on social media networks to separate personal life from business and vice versa;
  • Registering multiple profiles on the same platform with mobile phone number verification;
  • Signing up for local services that don’t accept phone numbers from other countries.

As can be seen above, Spanish virtual numbers are able to serve multiple significant purposes. They are also useful when it comes to completing other online tasks that were not listed previously. You can operate them to complete literally any task that involves going through the process of mobile phone number verification for one or another reason.

Where to obtain a Spain phone number for SMS?

Well-known and reliable platform SMS-Man offers an opportunity to benefit from this feature with ease. You can also be sure about taking the cheapest offer on the market. There are two options available to choose from too. In addition to disposable virtual numbers, users can also get a long-term virtual phone number in Spain. Both these features are suitable for the registration of accounts on social networking, instant messaging, delivery, and other services.

Here is how to get a disposable number which is the most popular choice:

1. Sign up for an account on from the registration page.

2. Choose and use a suitable payment option to add credits to the balance of your profile.

3. Open the list of countries on the start page and choose Spain.

4. Explore the tab with supported services to find one that is required.

5. Press the buy button.

By clicking the mentioned button you will be provided with a Spain phone number immediately. It will be right at the top part of the start page. It’s only left to use this number for the intended purpose.

How to activate a Spanish phone number?

To perform this action, simply go to the registration page on the selected platform and input the purchased virtual number on this page. The platform will send a verification code to it. Now just reveal this code and finish registration. Signing up for additional accounts this way take takes only buying and using new virtual numbers. Our company offers such numbers for SMS verification on Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, and other well-known apps websites and apps.
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