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Spanish phone number for SMS verification

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Once you’ve chosen a Spanish phone number, you will have the freedom to receive SMS and create online accounts on the internet. You won’t have to change SIM-card at all even when you are relocating or travelling abroad, because it is online phone number.

This article will help everybody who wants to use a Spanish phone number for SMS verification and tell why you can need it.

How to get Spain phone number for SMS?

SMS-man offers the cheapest virtual numbers with Spanish prefix +34 and other numbers in different countries you can think of. That aside, you can rent a mobile number for an entire month to receive SMS for account activations online both are suitable if you want to create accounts in social media, messengers, applications and other sites, that request phone number to activation.

Spanish sim

Below you can see the step-by-step instructions that you should follow to get Spanish mobile number:

  1. Open the «Sign up», page at the SMS-MAN site and create an account


  1. Top up your balance with one of the proposed payment methods.
  2. In countries list on the main page of the website choose Spain

Spain mobile number

  1. Open a list of services and choose one where you are going to create a new account.
  2. Click the “buy” button to get the virtual number.
  3. Request on it verification code from the chosen service.
  4. Press the get SMS button to receive text with a verification code which will appear under the number.

How to use a virtual number to create online accounts?

Now, when you have already got your phone number, you can proceed with making accounts in social media, messengers or applications.

  • Just open the registration page and enter the purchased virtual number there.
  • Then the messenger or social network will send an SMS with a verification code to the number.
  • Go to and click “get SMS” and the received SMS will appear under the virtual number.
  • Copy the verification code and paste it into the registration form.

If you need more accounts on messengers, social media etc. Just buy another virtual no and use the guidelines above to sign up. Also, at our website to receive text messages, you can get a virtual number for WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, Facebook, and other famous applications, social media or messengers.
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