Signal app messenger: sign up without a phone number in 2022
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Signal app messenger: sign up without a phone number in 2022

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og image ffdfeeedebfacebbabeccaefbdecdHello! Today I will tell you about a system like Signal app – what it is and what it’s for! Signal is a new system similar to WhatsApp, but with open source access. For many people it was very tempting and many people wanted to see how it works. By the way, Signal is very secure! Signal doesn’t give away information about your correspondence to the authorities, I’ll tell you even more, Signal can’t even see your correspondence themselves, not even the developers themselves. They even created a new encryption protocol specifically for this purpose. In Signal app, registration is the same as in Telegram and Whatsapp, to register you need to enter your phone number to activate the application. In this case, many people can meet with the difficulty that in this application, you can not use an account on different devices, it is the policy of their service. And in this case, and not only in this case! You can help our service for virtual numbers 

What makes Signal different from other services?

This service does not store your contact list! The system itself refuses to store your data, which is one of the reasons why Signal is considered the safest system at the moment. If it bothers you that WhatsApp openly passes your data to the government, then Signal comes in handy!Just so you understand, even the developers themselves cannot read your messages! They have created a special encryption protocol for this system.In all other respects, Signal is basically the same service as the others, where you can exchange messages in person, create a group chat, make video calls, and so on.

Why do you need a virtual number?

Nowadays, there are many people who do not want to use their number, or they just need a lot of accounts. That’s why we created the virtual number service! This greatly simplifies the use of the service. There are also countries where the service can be unavailable in their region and in this case you can use a phone number of another country for the Signal service on our website. We have numbers for all countries and all regions! You can take a single number for a particular service, or rent a number for a specified period of time for a variety of services!Also do not forget the fact that Signal, although it is an anonymous service, when you register it asks for your phone number, so that your friends can see you in it. So it turns out that the service is not completely anonymous, and just in this case we can help you to remain completely anonymous!

How do I get Signal app phone number?

1.First you need to register with SMS-MAN. All you have to do is have a working email address to take the test.SMS man registration form

2.After that you need to select USA from the list of countries and select Signal from the list of services

3.As you can see, you need to click “BUY” to purchase the number for Signal

4.As soon as you click the button, your purchased number will appear at the top of the homepage.

5.Open Signal on your phone and enter this phone number. Press the continue button and you should receive a text

6.At this point on the sms-man site you have to click on get sms, and you will see a code that came to this phone number.

7.Enter it in the phone and the account will be activated.


That’s the end of the registration. Thank you all!

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