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Sign up StockX without phone number


StockX – the most popular resell marketplace in the whole world. It allows to buy authentic sneakers, clothing and collectibles worldwide. But how can we do it without phone number?

StockX: sign up

Below you can see all instructions to get StockX account.

  1. Go
  2. Choose language and location.
  3. Click “Sign up” button in header.
  4. Type info and don’t forget about Privacy Policy.
  5. Choose your interests (at least 1) and go further.
  6. Now go and click “Turn on”.
  7. Now we should pass SMS-authentification, but how?

Getting SMS: cheap and fast

To get SMS we can go SMS-Man. Here you can buy SMS from StockX for less than $1! Look how it is.

  1. Go to the Sign up and go further.
  2. Recharge your account with some money ($1-2 is enough).
  3. Go to the main page. Choose suitable country from list and find Any other in services list. Click “Buy”.
  4. Bought number will be shown in head of page. Copy it and type in form on StockX. If all is correct, you will see confirmation page.
  5. Go back on SMS-Man. Click “Get sms” right to the number. Your SMS will appear below number.
  6. Take your code and type it in app. Now you have 2FA on your account and all permissions to use your account. Have a nice day and use SMS-Man!

How to connect from Russia?

If you try to use some resource in Russia nowadays, you are risking to lose permission to that. But we know way to deal with it: just use VPN as it written before.

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