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Pof.com (Plenty of Fish) how to sign up without phone number


Pof.com is a popular dating site in America, which is regularly visited by about 78 million locals. The average age of people who visit this site is 21-30 years. Men use this resource more often than women. Many girls from CIS countries using this service to search for dating across the border.

The site can be used both for free and on a paid basis. You can use such features free of charge

  • Search for users in the vicinity;
  • Voice message exchange;
  • Sending text messages;
  • Viewing profiles of registered users;
  • Viewing the candidates offered by the system. At Pof.com (Plenty of Fish) you will not be able to sign up through social networking sites, unlike other dating sites. But after authorization you can add your Instagram and Facebook to download your photos and other media files.

Now we have to solve the sign up issue. Plenty Of Fish dating site requires confirmation of the phone number for sign up and doesn’t accept numbers of Russian operators. But we can easily solve this problem. We can use a virtual number to sign up Pof.com (Plenty of Fish). How to do this, I will tell you below.

Sign up with the virtual number on pof.com (Plenty of Fish) dating site.

Dating site pof.com (Plenty Of Fish) in America popular than in European countries, so finding a resource where you can buy a virtual number to receive an SMS with an activation code is not so easy. I found a reliable site where you can sign up  pof.com (Plenty of Fish) account without a phone number.

Plenty of Fish sign up

Sms-man.com sells virtual numbers for sign up in popular social networks, dating sites, messengers, and for Plenty Of Fish. You can buy a virtual number for pof.com for $0.20. You can also choose the country of the operator.

How to buy a virtual number for pof.com (Plenty of Fish):

  1. To go through a quick sign up on the sms-man.com.

virtual number for PoF

  1. From the top of the main page go to the “payment” section.
  2. Recharge your your account one of the appropriate payment method.

  1. Select the “com” service on the main page.
  2. Choose a country of the operator and click «GET».
  3. When you sign up for pof.com (Plenty of Fish), enter the number we bought.
  4. Go back to sms-man.com and go to the main page. Click on “Get SMS”.
  5. Enter the received SMS on the site.

We have successfully sign up Pof.com (Plenty of Fish) account without a phone number.

You can also rent a virtual number for a specified period, with its help you can repeatedly receive SMS, and create accounts on various sites.

Why use a VPN when registering?

Using the VPN extension, you can change your IP address and bypass many blockages from sites, as well as greatly speed up the process of getting a verification code. To do this, you need to select the country and IP address that corresponds to the country of the number you register your account with.


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