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OffGamers sign up in 2022

phone number for OffGamers

Every day there are more and more people that want to purchase a virtual phone number for OffGamers. Just like any other online games store this project require users to pass a verification process in order to create an account. So it is impossible to register two or more profiles having only one mobile phone number. In this article, we will tell in detail how to deal with this issue using SMS-Man and create OffGamers accounts without any limitations.

Leading online games store

OffGamers is one of the leaders in the gaming commercial market. The service was created over 15 years ago and currently has several million active users from all over the world. There are also available mobile applications for both Android and iOS OC and more than 200 types of currencies for payment. So it is a fully international online company that can be used by absolutely anyone without exception.


Using this website people can buy game and gift cards as well as CD keys on many platforms. Among other things the offer in the store is represented by goods for:

  • iTunes;
  • Google Play;
  • PlayStation;
  • Steam;
  • Karma Koin.

There are also possible to buy in-game credits for apps like Free Fire, Roblox, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and others. The choice is wide and varied.

OffGamers sign up without phone number

The principle of operation of this service is based on making purchases and payments respectively. Because of this verifying phone number is a prerequisite for using it. Without going through this process it is not possible to complete OffGamers sign up form and use the platform for its intended purpose at all. But the solution is simple.


You can get and activate a virtual phone number for OffGamers to register a profile. Such a service doesn’t cost much while at the same time is available from any location on the planet. It is also absolutely safe to use. There is no need to provide any personal data or documents. Virtual phone numbers are designed for quick and hassle-free use. And because of their compliance with these parameters they are highly valued by internet users.

How to complete OffGamers register with a virtual phone number?

Those who are using the SMS-Man platform have a unique opportunity to solve this task in a few simple steps. This is how a temporary phone number for OffGamers is obtained:

1. Register a profile on and log in.


2. Recharge balance with one from a few payment methods.


3. Open the homepage of the platform and buy a phone number for OffGamers with desired country code.


4. Go to the OffGamers com website and request a verification code.


5. Switch back to our platform and click the “Get SMS” button that is placed right next to the used virtual phone number to see the text message.

Use received verification code will allow finishing the process of creating an account. This is how a virtual phone number for OffGamers works. There is no more need to buy expensive SIM cards for each registration.

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