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Nepal phone number: receive SMS online

Nepal phone number

Have you heard about virtual numbers? Do you know what they can be used for? Where to buy a virtual number and how to register with it on the service, let’s take the example of Nepal phone number.

What do you need virtual numbers for?

Have you ever been in a situation where you urgently need to get a foreign phone number? Such a need can arise both when traveling on business, and when trying to register in foreign services designed only for locals. As a rule, you have to issue a separate SIM-card for this purpose, which in turn entails additional costs and, accordingly, additional responsibility. You can use a virtual number from anywhere in the world – for example, when you organize remote work for the office.
In addition, with a virtual number you can create additional accounts for business or register with services anonymously.

How to get a Nepal phone number

There are dozens of services online that issue virtual Nepal numbers to everyone. Externally, such a number does not differ from a traditional mobile number. It also consists of the country code +977, the operator and a set of numbers. Some services provide numbers for temporary use, some – for permanent, for example, for business needs. We will look at disposable virtual numbers for registration on services.

To do this, go to the site Sms-man, log in with your mail, refill your balance. Now go to the home page, choose the country – Nepal, and then choose the desired service. You can buy a Nepali number from 0.1$. Nepal numbers are considered some of the cheapest.
Just choose a number, copy it and use it to register wherever you need a phone number to confirm.
After a few seconds, a text message will come to the site and appear next to the number.
The free sim card you choose will accept any sms.
You do not need to refresh the page! All messages come to our server and instantly appear on our site automatically. Enter the code you received in the box and registration is complete. You can also get a number for free in the telegram channel.

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