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KazandiRio: win many times with one cell phone

KazandiRio register

Various discounts, promotions, and gift coupons have long become an integral part of any company’s marketing. KazandiRio register allows accessing special app that contains offers from several biggest players on the market that work in this direction. But for many people, there is a serious obstacle to its use, not to mention the numerous registrations. Signing up on this platform requires verifying a phone number from Turkey. In this article, we will explain how to deal with this issue using a service from our platform.

Win various prizes while buying favorite food

KazandiRio is a popular app in the shopping category that is well-appreciated by people. Being launched in early 2019, nowadays it has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has a few million active users. Its main feature is an option to scan promoting ten-digit passwords that come out of the white stripe on the lid, pull tab, or chips packs from:

  • Pepsi;
  • Doritos;
  • Ruffles;
  • Lay’s;
  • Cheetos.

And that’s not all. The application cooperates with more than ten of the largest product brands that allow to win various gifts instantly!


You can also buy chips and drinks gifts from the closest KazandiRio point. The choice of prizes is really huge. It is possible to win internet traffic, gift cards, subscriptions to various streaming services to watch movies and series, gaming currencies, and even real money. Though, the benefits that this popular Turkish service provides don’t end there. Users are able to activate all the gifts instantly as well as store them for later use. This is really convenient.

Kazandirio register multiple times with a virtual phone number

This method opens up the possibility of receiving various bonuses in large quantities. Moreover, for some, it is a full-fledged way of earning. Now we will consider how to register KazandiRio account multiple times for unlimited activation of bonuses:

1. Create an account on sms-man.com and activate it by clicking the button from the verification email.


2. Log in and add funds to the platform using one of the few presented payment methods.


3. On the homepage choose Turkey and KazandiRio on the lists with countries and services relatively.


4. Click the buy button to receive the phone number.


5. Download and open the mobile KazandiRio app for Android or iOS OC.
6. Enter the received phone number on the sign up form and request a verification code.
7. Switch back to the website and click the «Get SMS» button to reveal the received text message.

Copy appeared one-time password and enter it on the app to create an account. In order to sign up once again just go through the steps from above to receive SMS online with another Turkish number. This is simple as it is.

Where to receive a Turkish phone number for free?

You can also sign up for a KazandiRio account with a virtual phone number without paying anything for such a service at all. Just check our channel on Telegram. With the help of it, every user can receive verification code using public virtual phone numbers from different countries including Turkish numbers. You just have to be signed up on this messaging app in order to check the information on the channel.

Sometimes it may turn out that the currently active number was already used by someone else to create an account on the required application. There is nothing wrong with this. The channel is being updated every four hours with a new phone number. Thus, it is possible to do KazandiRio register up to six times per day. And all this is completely free!

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