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How to use Zenly app without a phone number

Zenly Zenli

Hi all. In this article, let’s take a look at an app that allows you to keep track of your friends and get together and have parties that everyone will know about. It’s Zenly app.

A little bit about Zenly

Zenly is the best way to legitimately follow your friends with your phone, to see what users from your contacts are doing. If you want to watch your friends but not show your location in real time, you can fix your position for specific people or all at once. Your location can only be seen by those you’ve added as friends.
Zenly app also has an internal messenger where you can chat with your friends.
An interesting feature is the phone charge display, which will help you know if your child or friend is about to run out of phone. You can add to your contact list from your address book, by nickname or through other friends.

Zenly app

Signing on Zenly app

In order to create an account in Zenly you need to install the application from Play Market or AppStore if you have Iphone.
Then you will be asked to enter your nickname (you can add your real name or nickname) and date of birth.
After this service itself will identify the number and request a confirmation code. You can use a virtual number to keep your data anonymous and safe. One of the best services for issuing virtual numbers for registration is SMS MAN. It has the lowest prices and a wide range of countries and services.
In order to buy a number you need to create an account. There is an option to sign in, through a Google account or via email. Then fund your account with a bank card or cryptocurrency. Payment with payeer or Wepay is also available.
There are several ways you can take a number to SMS MAN.

How to see your friends on map

OTP numbers:

This is a one-time number that is suitable for a simple account registration. You can get one text message to such a number for 20 minutes. After this time, the number will be canceled and the money will automatically return to your account. The list of countries and services is expanding every day, so you’re sure to find something you like.

Numbers for long-term rental:

These numbers are usually taken if you want to make your account the main account. You can receive as many texts as you want during your lease period. You can rent a number for anywhere from one hour to six months. Renewal function is not implemented at this time.

Zenly New map

Buying numbers using API:

For those who want to automate, we also have a solution in the form of an open API. Buying a large number of numbers is possible both through our application and through requests.
To purchase a fake number, visit the main page of SMS MAN. Select the country whose number you will use. Don’t forget that you need to use a VPN on the device where you are registering.
Below the countries is a list of services. Choose from the suggested ones or search with the Zenly search box and click on the buy button.
The issued number will be at the very top of the page, and there are two “get sms” and “reject” buttons near it. To get the sms click on the first one, if after several attempts within 2-3 minutes the code still did not come, cancel the number and get a new one.


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