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How to Use WeChat After the Ban?

How to Use WeChat After the Ban

Many users use WeChat not only as a messenger for communication, but also order food through the application, pay for groceries and use it to call a taxi. Therefore, getting a WeChat ban causes both losing the ability to chat with friends in this messenger, but also access to an e-wallet and social services.

But why does the messenger block user accounts, and how to unblock one? What does a new account registration in the app look like? Let’s explore these points in the article. But first let’s get an answer to what makes WeChat an exemplary super app for tech companies all over the world.

What is WeChat?

WeChat is one of the leading super apps in China, which houses a complete digital ecosystem. The application was released by the Chinese techno giant Tencent in 2011. At the beginning, to get the audience for the application, Tencent loaded the user base of its other development, the Tencent QQ messenger. In addition, the rapid growth of the audience was ensured by the fact that access to major competitors, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Telegram is prohibited in China.

Initially, this application was created for exchanging text and voice messages, as well as photos with other users. To date, there are two versions of WeChat: Chinese and international. Well, what is WeChat if speaking of the difference between two versions? The latter has remained a messenger. But the Chinese version has, over time, combined many various services and continues to acquire new ones. In addition to the messenger, the Chinese version of the application also includes a social network, payment system, and also ID card.

Among other things, Chinese users can use WeChat to buy clothes and rent real estate. One of the basic functions is the recognition of QR codes. They are used in any operation, including paying for goods and adding a new friend to your contact list.

What is wechat

Why Is My WeChat Blocked?

As for violating the rules of the platform, you can get the WeChat block, among other things, for downloading applications from unofficial sources as well as using third-party plugins or emulators.

Another common reason for blocking is sending scams, violent content or irritating ads to other users. At the same time, both the user himself and the hackers who hacked his account can send messages. Anyway, as soon as the mobile application receives complaints about spam on a certain profile, it immediately blocks it.

In addition, often the blocking reason has nothing in common a real violation of the social network’s ToS. It all comes dow to Chinese censorship. Therefore, you need to be especially careful in statements regarding state policy and internal processes. For example, in a widely known case, WeChat blocked a Chinese student studying in California for mentioning a taboo topic on the application: the crackdown on protesters in Tiananmen Square in 1989. And there are many reported cases of blocking user accounts for similar reasons.

Why Is My WeChat Blocked?

How to Remove the WeChat Ban?

If you have received a temporary blocking of your WeChat account and cannot remove the WeChat ban, there may be something wrong with the phone number that you have linked to the account. For example, a phone number may exceed the monthly unlock limit. Also, the country code in the number you use to unlock may not match the code in the number you registered your account with.

As another reason, the WeChat user who confirmed your account upon registration is not qualified within the system. Please note the following conditions regarding the situation:

If you completed registration outside of Mainland China, for getting qualified, a friend who you ask to confirm your account to remove your WeChat ban should meet the following conditions:

  1. If you choose a non-Chinese resident as a person to verify your account, they should not be on your contact list.
  2. On the contrary, a Chinese resident as a trusted person should be your WeChat friend.

If you register an account while in China:

  1. The trusted person lives in the same province as you, they should not be on your contact list.
  2. If the trusted person lives in another province, on the contrary, they should be your friend on WeChat.

If you get a permanent WeChat ban, unfortunately, it is not possible to remove the ban from your account. WeChat has strict rules regarding violators. However, if you still need an account on this social network, you can create a new one using a temporary virtual number for confirmation.

Virtual Phone Number to Create a New WeChat Account

Virtual phone numbers for receiving SMS messages are a convenient, undemanding option when you need to receive a one-time verification code. It doesn’t take you to leave home and reveal any documents to prove your identity.

So, using virtual numbers is an optimal way to keep your own phone number in secret while enhancing the overall anonymity throughout the platform you are submitting it to.

Moreover, if speaking of WeChat, virtual numbers may also help you to remove a temporary WeChat ban. In addition, the price of disposable virtual numbers from SMS-Man starts only from $0.14 per number. On the platform, you can choose from 190+ country codes for passing registration and verification in 1000+ global and local services.

virtual phone number from sms man

So, here is how you can obtain a virtual phone number to set up a new WeChat account:

  1. Register on using an email address or through social media.
  2. Replenish the balance with the appropriate sum — in any available way.
  3. To purchase a one-time use virtual phone, at the ‘Receive SMS’ tab, select WeChat and the required country. Tap the purchase button.
  4. To get the received number, go down the homepage and copy it from History.
  5. Then, get back to SMS-man and reveal an OTP by tapping ‘Receive SMS’ on the right.
  6. Submit the code for a new WeChat account.

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