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How to Use Hinge App without a Phone Number?

Hinge App without a Phone Number

Are you tired of swiping people on Tinder and using classical dating platforms such as Badoo? Then try out the Hinge app to erase it from your phone right after you find love.

What is good about this app, and what special features does it have in comparison with other services? Do you need a phone number for Hinge, and how to register and verify your account if your country is not supported? Let’s explore these points further in the article.

What is Hinge App?

It is an American dating service founded in 2011 and in 2019 acquired by Match Group, the parent company of many other prominent dating apps.

At the beginning, the service allowed users to connect friends from their Facebook list that they got crush on. However, later Hinge decided to move away from this idea and today Hinge account holders do not choose a potential partner from their Facebook friends list.

As of 2022, the Hinge app had attracted 23 million regular users. The inconvenience is that the platform operates in a small number of countries. It includes the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, and some more.

But gladly, today’s digital tools allow people to set up an account in the apps registration linked to location from any point on the planet. If you want to learn the hint, please keep reading the article.

So, what is different about Hinge, in contrast to other similar services? Let’s found out. 

What is Hinge

The Key Features & How to Use Hinge App

The app immediately says that it doesn’t want to waste your time on purposeless chatting. To help you find love not friends, after Hinge registration, it first explores your personality type by asking some general dating app’s info like height, relationship type, dating intentions as well as your views on religion, politics, etc. These little tips about what kind of person you are help your profile visitors to look beyond your appearance. It makes it much easier to understand whether you two can match on a deeper level.

To express the personality in a more complete way, Hinge encourages users to add UGC content in various formats. This includes adding a voice prompt and publishing videos. This will improve a user’s self-presentation on the app and increase chances to find better matches more quickly.

What’s even nicer about the app, that it doesn’t ask you to receive a match for engaging in  conversation. For example, on Hinge, you can respond by commenting or liking specific pieces of content in people’s profiles. This way you can start the chat in a smooth, more natural way with an already defined subject.

Or, if you like someone, you can send them a red rose which is a regular kickstarter on Hinge. And then, if it proceeds to meeting in real life, Hinge collects feedback and discovers how the date went to correct future matches and make better recommendations. This feature comes from the key idea of the app to make the Hinge account holders reach the goal and delete the app quickly.

Well, the app seems pretty good for finding a partner, don’t you agree? If so, then does it have any security issues? Let’s check it in the next abstract.

The Key Features of the App & How to Use Hinge

What is Hinge in Terms of Security?

As we said, the dating app provides users with the opportunity to write to an attractive person before getting a match. On the one hand, it is very convenient and speeds up the process of finding the right person. But in contrast, it highly increases chances to be defrauded by bot accounts. And this is a huge problem for Hinge and other dating platforms.

So, in 2022, after having encountered a surge in scam accounts, the app implemented the Selfie Verification feature. This security measure implies that Hinge account holders can now take an in-app video to validate they are a real person and not a fabricated deepfake. The app’s AI algorithms combined with human moderators compare whether it is the same person in the video and the profile’s pictures. If they find similarity, the user receives the badge “Verified”. Although the feature is optional it significantly helps other users avoid communicating with fake accounts and scammers.

As for user privacy, the app also focuses on additionally safeguarding users’ profiles from being hacked and requires SMS verification as the last step of the process of Hinge registration.

But there is a chance not to submit your private phone number to the dating platform if, let’s say, your mobile carrier is blocking some SMS short codes, or you worry that it can go beyond the platform’s servers. The much safer alternative for this purpose seems to purchase a one-time virtual phone number that can also receive text messages.

What are the advantages of using temporary virtual phone numbers, and what functionality do numbers from SMS-man have?

Virtual Phone Number for Hinge Registration

Virtual numbers from SMS-man are designed specifically for receiving SMS codes for registration and verification on 1000+ global platforms and applications. Moreover, we support mobile carriers from 190+ countries, It means that using such a number, you can virtually register from almost any place in the world.

Purchasing virtual phone numbers doesn’t need you to validate your identity with a passport or ID and costs <$1. If you need a number for multiple uses in one or various global platforms, you can also rent it for up to 90 days.

virtual phone number

Here is how to get a virtual phone from SMS-man to finalize the Hinge registration:

  1. Register at with an email or through Google+ account.
  2. Replenish account balance with the appropriate sum.
  3. To get a single use number, enter “Receive SMS”, choose the mobile carrier and find “Hinge” among the services. Click “Buy SMS”.
  4. Get the received phone number at the bottom of the page and apply it for your Hinge account, not forgetting to open another window or tab first.
  5. Return to SMS-man and request a validation code by clicking “Receive SMS” next to the number.
  6. Submit the code to verify your account in Hinge.

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