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How to Use GoPayz e-Wallet App without a Phone Number?

GoPayz e-Wallet App without a Phone Number

GoPayz e-wallet offers one-stop access to your daily expenses, secure transaction management, and even provisions for investing in one platform to manage all your essential financial tools and services. Operating from Malaysia, it helps you keep a tab on your expenses and seamlessly transfers your funds.

Launched in July 2019, it offers a broad spectrum of affordable and inclusive services. Upon registering a GoPayz account, you will manage finances confidently through an easy-to-navigate interface. It hides various features, covered below alongside its signup requirements.

What is GoPayz app

What is GoPayz Feature-wise?

GoPayz serves many customer needs, from transactions and asset protection plans to investment opportunities and day-to-day lifestyle features. It allows for managing local and international fund transfers and currency conversions, in collaboration with MaxMoney. You can also request house delivery of foreign currencies.

What is GoPayz also doing? The application offers investment avenues with a minimum monthly allocation of RM100 towards unit trusts on FSMOne, one of Malaysia’s most substantial online unit trust platforms. Additionally, it has numerous card options, powered by Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay.

This utility is extended with ATM access and strengthened by adherence to Bank Negara Malaysia’s security protocols. Notably, GoPayz e-wallet integrates NFC technology for contactless payments, which stands out in the Malaysian market.

Accessibility is a key feature of GoPayz, welcoming Malaysian nationals and expatriate workers to utilize its services, with mandatory personal identity verification. It offers two account tiers: a Basic Wallet with a cap of RM2999 and a Premium Wallet with a higher limit of RM5000.

What is GoPayz like in terms of integrations? It partners with various applications, promoting convenient utility payments, mobile credit reloads, food ordering services, and online shopping. It encourages charity and the fulfillment of Zakat obligations within certain Malaysian regions.

GoPayz Wallet App

GoPayz Login: How to Start Using App?

The registration includes completing KYC protocols and uploading a valid government-issued ID for verification. The valid documents include MyKad for locals, MyPR cards for permanent residents, and foreign passports for international users. This step is crucial for ensuring account security.

What is GoPayz asking for verification? You need a phone number for validation, ongoing communication, and account security. Enhance your account by choosing a plan and topping up your balance. Then, you will be able to utilize all the services.

Phone Numbers and Privacy Issues

Giving out your mobile number when registering for online services like GoPayz violates privacy. The mobile number is often exposed to being spammed, stolen for identity usage, or even unlawfully tracked by this e-wallet app or third parties.

When dealing with privacy concerns, SMS-Man can help. This vendor provides one-time numbers for verification in 2000+ apps. This way, the least amount of your data would be submitted, as you would not share the number directly with the service.

How to Create GoPayz Account without a Phone Number?

Such services as GoPayz would demand a phone number for verification when you register. But, using one-time phone numbers from SMS-Man for this e-wallet app provides an extra layer of protection though raises some practical issues.

They are designed for one-time purposes so that your contact number is not exposed. It would limit any risk of unwanted communications and potential data breaches when personal information could be lost. In addition, you will be able to register for the app even outside of Malaysia.

However, it can give rise to complications in recovery once the GoPayz account access is lost, so make sure you can easily enter your account at any time. Apart from that, you can use the service without problems; the wallet won’t notice any difference.

virtual phone number

If you want to purchase and use one of these phones, this guide can help you:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Go to the “Top up My Balance” page and make a deposit.
  3. Click “Buy SMS”, then select Malaysia as the country and GoPayz.
  4. Find your phone number in the “History” section.
  5. Enter it when asked in the app and request an SMS.
  6. Go back and tap “Get SMS” in your SMS-Man profile.
  7. Then, complete the GoPazy login registration.

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