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How to use Dunzo Delivery App without a Phone Number?

How to use Dunzo Delivery App without a Phone Number

Dunzo app is changing Indian urban living with its on-demand delivery service, making it super convenient for users to get what they need, when they need it. Think of it as your go-to for everything from a quick lunch to your weekly grocery run, or even when you need some meds or supplies—all without leaving your home.

After a few taps needed for the registration, you’re shopping at your local favorites or big-name supermarkets with a huge selection of products. Dunzo app teams up with a lot of places, so you’re pretty much covered no matter what you’re after. Below, you’re going to find out its nuances and registration requirements, including the phone submission.

Dunzo App

How to Use Dunzo App?

Grocery shopping is easy with Dunzo. Users can browse and buy daily necessities from a selection of local vendors, including supermarkets and specialty organic stores, and have them delivered swiftly. You get real-time updates from the moment your order is picked up till it lands at your door. 

Another reason to download Dunzo app is that you’re always in the loop about your order’s estimated arrival time, keeping those “where’s my stuff?” moments to a minimum. What if you’re planning ahead? The service also lets you schedule deliveries for whenever suits you best, ensuring you’re not pacing around waiting for your order to show up.

Beyond food and groceries, it extends its services to pharmacy deliveries. Customers can order their medical supplies and prescriptions through the app, allowing them to verify prescriptions online as needed. So, if you’re in India and looking to avoid pharmacy trips, download Dunzo app to solve your hassles from the comfort of home.

There’s Dunzo Cash—a handy online wallet feature that makes paying for your orders a snap. Load it up, choose the products for your next order, and finalize the payment within moments. It’s speeding up the whole process and making your life a bit easier. 

For local businesses, partnering opens up a new customer base without the headache of managing deliveries. It’s a win-win: more visibility for them, more choices for you. Moreover, the Dunzo app prides itself on its attentive customer and business support. It ensures help is readily available for any questions that may come up during the ordering and delivery process, thus elevating the overall experience.

The app streamlines your daily routine with its quick and user-friendly service, successfully supporting local businesses by partnering with them. If you’re looking to sign up, take one thing into account: you will need some local Indian info, including the phone number for Dunzo registration. Check below for guidance on the registration process.

How to Use The Dunzo App?

Setting Up Your Dunzo Delivery Account

Setting up an account is easy. After installation, open the app to sign up, which you can do with your Indian phone number. Input this data, and then confirm your account with the OTP sent to you. Next, fill in some basic personal info like your name and delivery address to tailor your experience. 

Add a payment method—either a credit card or a digital wallet—to make transactions effortless. When it’s finished, you can dive into the Dunzo app

Why do they request your phone data? A valid number is needed to ensure security and order updates, as well as prove that you are in India. However, it brings a lot of privacy concerns, let alone frustrations if you don’t have a local SIM card. If it’s a problem, you might consider using a temporary number from SMS-Man to sign up.

What is Dunzo Sign Up Like Using Temporary Numbers?

Creating a Dunzo App account with a temporary number means using a one-time-use option for the sign-up process. This method is great for protecting your privacy because it means you don’t have to give out your real phone number. SMS-Man provides these numbers, and they work for signing up on over 2000 apps, Dunzo among them. 

They offer products that are usable worldwide, covering more than 200 countries, including India. Using these disposable numbers helps keep your identity safe while still giving you the access you need, even when you are not in India.

virtual phone number from sms man

So, how to complete Dunzo signup without a Phone Number? Here is a guide to help you find an answer:

  1. Open and log in using your email or social network account.
  2. Select “Top up” from the menu on the left to make a deposit.
  3. Go back to select your country and the Dunzo app.
  4. Click buy and scroll down to the “History” section to copy your phone number.
  5. Enter it when you sign up for a new Dunzo account.
  6. Wait for the verification code and return to SMS-Man to retrieve it.
  7. Complete the account creation process.

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