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How to use Dent app without a phone number

Dent app

Millions of people travel around the world every day. But not many of them know about some really useful in this case tools. Dent app is among them as well. Even though it is not very popular, there are many travelers that highly appreciate it. Moreover, this app will be also useful for those who do online marketing or e-commerce. This service has really many benefits. We will list them all and also explain how to sign up for an account on it without a phone number.

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What is a Dent mobile app?

Dent is an app from the virtual telephony industry. It offers users the option to get and operate eSIM in several countries around the world to connect to the global wireless internet network. There are multiple use cases for this service. However, it is especially useful for those who are getting lackluster service overseas or have to pay tremendous fees for roaming solutions from their local mobile operator. The main benefits that those who have a Dent account get are represented by the following:

  • Availability in more than 60 countries;
  • Lack of roaming fees;
  • No contract and thereby additional costs.

In addition, the company offers their users a big variety bonuses. You can get 10 voice minutes worldwide for free per every GB of eSIM mobile data bought. This is just one of a few promotional offers available for users despite their location and any other criterion.

How to use the Dent app without a phone number?

Verifying a mobile number is mandatory before getting access to the service. You cannot skip this step and get a working account in the end. However, there is still an effective solution. It will be useful for everyone who doesn’t want to use or even doesn’t have an operable mobile phone number. This situation especially often happens to travelers. This solution is named a fake phone number. Phone numbers of that kind are designed exactly for people that want to sign up for Dent and other various platforms services not using their own phone number.

Their main purpose is to get verification codes needed to register with one or another platform on the internet. It works like a standard mobile phone number but at the same time doesn’t require users to purchase and enable a SIM card. Every part of the process is available for performing online. Because of this, there is no need to go anywhere. You may benefit from this feature at any time of the day and when located wherever in the world.

Sign up for Dent using fake number

Fake phone numbers are a simple solution. They were designed exactly to be so and definitely succeeded in this regard. Using them is no more difficult than, for example, installing and enabling VPN. Even newcomers won’t face any difficulties when trying to use them by themselves. But our instructions below on how to will make it even easier:

1. Register a new profile on and log in with it to websites after completing quick verification.

2. Use a suitable payment method from those that are available to replenish your account balance.

3. Proceed to section with countries on the main page and choose one where the fake number will come from.

4. Use the search feature to find Dent.

5. Purchase a fake phone number by pressing the appropriate button.

6. Begin signing up for a profile on Dent.

7. Use a previously purchased fake number as a means of verification.

8. Receive a one-time code to the number.

9. Use this code to create an account.

Things are simple as they are. These days everyone has an opportunity to register a profile on the Dent app without using a phone number. Fake phone numbers provide it. You no longer have to worry about having an active SIM card to sign up for different online services. In the modern world, it is possible to do that completely avoiding this requirement.

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