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How to unblock Venmo in 2022

How to unblock on venmo in

Gradually electronic payment systems are becoming more and more popular. Though it is definitely a great trend, there also appear more different issues associated with them, such as, for example, blocked Venmo account. Getting funds stuck in the wallet is not good result at any time. It may lead to different financial troubles or even absolute business stoppage. Luckily, it is possible to unblock Venmo account using one from a few methods. In this article SMS-Man will explain why such situations happen and what to do to fix it.


Reasons causing blocked Venmo account issue

In most cases it happens when transaction doesn’t go through after trying to send funds. There will be an email notifying about failure and account getting blocked. The reasons for what happened can be very various. Though not different from those in case with other paying platforms. Here are the main ones from them:

  • Having insufficient funds in the wallet at the time of sending transaction;
  • Exceeding the number of available transfers per day;
  • Sending payments that require reversing;
  • Using account from absolutely new location, receiving extremely high amount of funds or acting suspicious in any other way;
  • Breaching the set of terms and conditions of the platform or agreement with the institution.


However, in fact, there are many more reasons for account blocking. It can literally happen anytime. Luckily, there is always the reason so it is possible to choose a solution and understand what to do next.

Possible ways to unblock account on Venmo

Currently there are a few options to solve this issue. You can try to unblock Venmo account on your own as well as contact the application support service. There are also some other ways. Let’s explore them all:

First option is to try to unblock the wallet on your own. For this open that page through laptop or personal computer and log in with blocked account. After that choose the bank to transfer funds from to the wallet and enter desired amount. Also make sure that you have your bank account verified and connected on Venmo. Complete the transaction. In most cases it result to unblocking account in two to three working days.

Another solution is contacting customer service of the platform. For this proceed to the help area of Venmo and press contact us button. Even though there are a lot of different ways to reach out to the customer representative such as phone call and email, live chat is still the best option. It is the way more simple and faster than others. In most cases after contacting support service requester will be required to provide and confirm his personal information to get account unblocked after some revision.


How to unblock Venmo account with a virtual phone number

It is not always possible to unblock an account. Sometimes reasons are too serious. If there happens such a situation, the only way to keep using the app is to sign up once again. But since own phone number has been binded to the blocked account, it is required to get another one so it will be possible to start taking all the advantages of Venmo once again. In this case the best solution is to use virtual phone numbers from SMS-Man.

The process is simple. First of all, sign up on the platform using the hyperlink above and top up your balance. Then proceed to the homepage of the website and take according virtual phone number. When obtained, use it as it was a real one. Request on it verification code and click buy button to reveal confirmation text. Use it to finish the process of creating new account and get an access to all the features of this app back!

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