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How to unblock Discord account in 2022

Discord unblocked

Seeing people want to get their Discord unblocked is a common thing. There can be many reasons for this. Starting with blocking an account for suspicious activity and ending with a ban on the use of the platform in some schools and colleges. But even though sometimes this looks difficult to solve, in fact, there is nothing complicated. Read our article to find out all the possible solutions for the Discord blocking issue including virtual phone numbers from SMS-Man.

Discord blocking account: most common reasons

Discord has a whole set of terms of service. Breaking any of its points may result in the need to look for a way to get Discord unblocked and access all its features again. Even though usually there is not much difference between reasons. To concretize, most often account is getting blocked due to the following:

  • Logging in with a completely different IP addresses;
  • Sending spam messages;
  • Doing offensive trolling;
  • Being abusive or disrespectful or other users;
  • Bringing a server down deliberately;


It is also necessary to notice that there are two types of blocking: server and platform ban. The first one comes from the administrator of a specific server. In this case, the user cannot chat on this server but is still able to join other servers. If it comes to a platform ban then the user is not able to use the app at all. So it is important to determine the ban type before trying to solve the issue.

Possible ways to get Discord unblocked easily

The solution straightly depends on the type of block. If it is a simple IP or server ban then in most cases it will be enough to use VPN to change online location or reach out to the administrators of the server themselves to get Discord unblocked. You can also try switching to mobile or another but different from the original network. The most important thing is to completely reinstall the application. This is to fully clean up old data that can give you away.

In the case of the app ban, the solution is not that simple as it is a more serious type of restriction. There are two ways to get Discord unblocked. In the second place is to reach out to service customer support. The support team will provide the exact reason for the block as well as possible ways for solving this issue. Just follow the given instructions and provide true information for checking.


The main issue with this option is it usually takes a lot of time. So here comes another solution in form of creating a new Discord account. It is a straightforward way to get unbanned easily in a short period of time.

Create a new Discord account with a virtual phone number

Sometimes it comes out that there is no possibility to restore a profile. In this case, the only solution for gaining access to the app back is to create a new Discord account. But since a real phone number is no longer available for completing this task since it has been bound to the old profile, there appears the need for a virtual one. Read the detailed instruction below to learn how to get a VoIP Discord phone number in a few clicks:

1. Sign up for an account at and add funds to its balance using a suitable payment method from the according tab.


2. On the main page of the website buy the phone number for a new Discord account from any represented country, for example, Hong Kong.


3. Request verification code on the received phone number.


4. Press the “Get SMS” button.


5. Use appeared code to create on Discord new account.

discord account

As it is easy to notice there is nothing difficult. Discord virtual phone numbers make it possible to not only create a new and fully operable account but also to do it in a couple of minutes. Moreover, such a service is available for use from any location in the world. With this feature getting Discord unblocked is no longer a complicated task.

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