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How to bypass WeChat verification without Chinese number

Wechat verification

How do I get Wechat verification? This is the query that pops up very often in search engines. What is this platform and why does it enjoy such great popularity? Let’s look into it, so that we don’t have to ask such questions anymore.

Today, many entrepreneurs have paid close attention to the Chinese market. Which is not surprising, because it is the most numerous. According to statistics, at the beginning of 2022, there are more than 1.4 billion people in China, of which 850 million people are actively using the Internet. VChat verification will be more and more in demand, as 40% of Chinese population still haven’t mastered the World Wide Web.

Wechat verification without phone number

How to get Wechat verification

Often businessmen are afraid to explore the Chinese market, due to its closed nature and numerous restrictions. It is impossible to get a big income without a reliable partnership, a local company or a big budget. But in the initial stages should use all available tools for promotion, which will help you understand, and whether it is necessary to develop these territories.

WeChat – the leading social network in China

WeChat is the leading social network in China. The messenger is surprisingly similar to Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook at the same time: pictures, videos, communication. In addition, the platform boasts numerous features, including a personal payment system, QR codes, and this is a large-scale audience. No wonder that domestic businessmen are so closely interested in Wechat verification.

Foreign users, including Russian ones, can register an account for an individual or a legal company. To register an account for an individual, you need to be recommended by a Chinese WeChat user and have your QR code read. Such account will have limitations: you can communicate only with Chinese users.

You don’t need such an account for large-scale financial plans. Creating a separate channel with ad buys is real, but only if you verify the business page in the Wechat app. Don’t have your own company in China? Use a verified Service Account ().

WeChat verification: registering a Service Account in WeChat

To get a Service Account, visit If you don’t speak Chinese, choose a layout in your preferred language.

By the way, did you know that you don’t have to use your real phone number to sign up for social networks? Today’s users are increasingly choosing virtual mobile numbers not only for VChat verification, but also to work in social networks, messengers, for sms-mailing.

Register to Weichat by virtual number

Unlike buying a Vichat account, a registered virtual number account is much more secure. You choose and buy a number which only you have access to.

At you have an opportunity to buy a virtual number for registration in Wechat for 32 rubles. Which is incomparable with the price of a ready account in 1500 rubles. You can also restore access to your account at any time.

There are mobile operators from China, which Wechat has a special confidence in. Using the service is very simple, so the entire process takes no more than 2 minutes.

You can register with a virtual number in four easy steps:

Register at

Refill your account in rubles, dollars or cryptocurrency.

Choose a country of mobile operator and buy a number.

Receive an sms with a code from Wechat on the main page of the site.

As you can see, registering with a virtual number is almost no different from creating an account with a SIM card. The only thing is that the SMS does not come to your phone, and in a personal account at


If you don’t want to register Wechat on your personal phone number, you can buy a Wechat account or register it with a virtual number. If you’re not too worried about security and the price of the account, you can safely buy a ready-made account. It’s much cheaper to set up with a virtual number, but you have to register yourself. But you can be sure that no one else has access to your account.
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How to sign up for WeChat without Chinese number
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