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How to sign up for WeChat without Chinese number

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WeСhat is the popular messenger that is officially allowed in China. If you have friends, acquaintances, or business partners in China, using this messenger is the best solution for free calls and texts. In addition, this application serves as a trading platform, where many are looking for bargains from suppliers. But is it possible to use this messenger outside of China? Is it easy to register? How do I WeChat sign up without a Chinese phone number? You’ll find the answers to these questions below.

How to create WeChat login without phone number?

Most potential users wonder how to register in this messenger when they are outside of China. There are two main problems that you may encounter. First, there is a risk that the application will hang up during the verification procedure. In addition, you may be required to find another messenger user and ask him or her to scan a special QR code so that you can get an account. Moreover, this user must have been registered for at least a month. We can say that as much as WhatsApp is popular in Europe and America, WeChat is even more popular in China

In most cases, such difficulties are related to your location (IP), as well as to the use of the local mobile operator and the local e-mail box for registration. As for location problems, you can solve them with a VPN service. But where do you get a mobile number tied to a foreign operator?


The solution is also simple – use a virtual number. This will allow you to receive an SMS with a verification code, which you will need to create a fully functional profile.

Again, all these measures do not guarantee that you will not have to ask a friend to scan the QR code. However, using a foreign mobile number, such as one from China, will increase your chances of registering without additional verification.


Buy virtual phone number for WeChat account

At you can buy a virtual number to WeChat sign up without a phone number for just $0.42. Of course, there are available numbers from Chinese and Hong Kong operators, which are particularly trusted by the security service of this messenger.

You can pay for the virtual number in dollars, rubles, and cryptocurrency. And you can send a deposit through AdvCash, Payeer, Qiwi, and Coinbase.

Simple way to register WeChat without Chinese number

Here are the instructions on how to register WeChat without Chinese phone number:

1. Open the source and go through the registration.virtual number for PoF

2. Choose the payment tab in the top menu and make a deposit via one of the payment systems offered by the service.

3. On the main page of the website, type the name of the messenger as it is shown in the screenshot below.

4. Press on the button “Buy”.

5. Now, you can register on WeChat. Install the app and open it.

6. Click on the button “Sign up via Mobile”, enter your name and the virtual number you have purchased, and invent a reliable password.

7. At the next step you may see a window with a QR code. In such a situation it is necessary to find another user of this messenger who should scan this code. This user must be registered for at least 1 month. If you get into such a window, you will have to go through this verification procedure anyway. If the system does not require such a QR code verification, you will be immediately directed to the page for SMS activation.

8. Go to and click “Get SMS” to create a fully-featured account in this messenger at your disposal.

Now you know how to get a WeChat account without a Chinese phone number for $0.30 in just a few minutes.
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