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How to Sign Up for MocoSpace without a Phone Number?

Sign Up for MocoSpace without a Phone Number

What is MocoSpace? It is a mobile platform for dating, instant messaging and chat communication that was made in 2005 on the basis of a notable blogging website MocoSpace is tolerant to all kinds of people’s preferences from conventional views to gay, lesbian, queer and other types of gender and relationships.

Though they advertise MocoSpace as a dating app, it is more of a social media platform enabling people to communicate in group chats, play online games, and just have fun online.

When registering a MocoSpace account, along with other information, the app asks to fill out a mobile phone number. How to sign up for a platform if your current number is already in use? Let’s learn from today’s article and delve deeper into some prominent features of the app.

What is Mocospace?

What is Mocospace?

This communication service is mobile-only supporting a version for mobile devices on Android, iOS, and other Web-enabled mobile phones.

Speaking of the unique features of the MocoSpace app, we need to say that it is not so much a dating app for finding a partner or a casual hookup, but rather a social network for peer-to-peer and group chats based on interests as well as leisure activities such as playing various entertaining online games with people from all over the world. Group chat rooms are a very convenient option for finding a company for hiking and different offline events.

Though if dating is the goal you are pursuing by registering in the MocoSpace app, you can use basic filters by setting up gender, age, only with photos or now online. Advanced search is also available. This way you can search for people in your city, country or even around the world — there are no restrictions. To start communication, you can send the person a special eCard as a gift — this is a good icebreaker for the beginning.

While registering a MocoSpace account, you can fill out some general information as well as adding photos, videos and even favorite music to your profile. These all are the ways to customize your account as well as introducing your personality to people you want to get to know.

Moreover, MocoSpace has a photo feed where you can share real-time images of your activities and receive reactions from other users. Live Streaming feature allows you to make online broadcasting of your everyday life.

The paid functionality of the app also allows you to raise your profile to the top of the list. So that it will be easier for you to get noticed among other users of the platform.

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Are there Any Drawbacks for the MocoSpace Account Holders?

The MocoSpace app allows any user to send free messages, and in some cases this may seem like a serious disadvantage. However, it is not all bad. For those who are not ready for this, the app provides the ability to configure receiving messages only from users on the friend list. That is, first you have the opportunity to review the user’s request and decide whether you are interested in starting a conversation.

Well, after we have figured out the most important info about the app, let’s explore how it is going with security and anonymity within the system.

Anonymity & Security on MocoSpace App

All data and messages that you send in the app’s system are protected by the SSL protocol. This type of encryption makes it technically impossible for your messages to be intercepted.

In addition, before someone has completed a MocoSpace sign up, they are not allowed to check other users’ profiles. This also provides a basic level of security. However, please note that it is not possible to restrict viewing or hide images on MocoSpace. So that any registered user will be able to see them.

Since you don’t need to verify an email address while registering MocoSpace, there are quite a few fake accounts. Though, if you suspect that a particular user is not real, you can report this to support.

If providing an email address is not obligatory, a person still has to give out some personal information for registration in the MocoSpace app. Phone number, your date of birth, gender (various options allowed), username and password. All these things are asked to be disclosed while setting up an account.

Though, let’s say, if you do not want to use your personal phone number to register on this dating app or it has already been used before, you can obtain disposable virtual phone numbers from SMS-Man.

In addition, such numbers increase your level of anonymity on the Internet for a small fee. Or if you need it, you can register many accounts at once in a single or different online platforms. With SMS-Man, you can buy a virtual phone number for the MocoSpace log in for $0.22.

So, how can you do that?

MocoSpace Account Registration with a Virtual Phone

As for online-based virtual numbers, SMS-Man is a trustworthy vendor on the market with 7+ years of expertise. We purchase disposable and long-rental options to register in over 1000 global online platforms. Moreover, you have a choice among mobile providers from over 180 countries from China to India, Iran, and the USA.

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For the MocoSpace log in with a virtual phone number, you need to do the following:

  1. Set up a profile on or log in via your social media account.
  2. Replenish your balance with some money (the ‘Top Up’ button shines yellow in the top right corner).
  3. To get a one-time code for single registration, enter ‘Receive SMS’ in the left-side menu.
  4. Choose the country and the service. Near the number, tap ‘Buy SMS’.
  5. Move to the bottom of the page to copy the purchased virtual number. Apply it for the MocoSpace sign up.
  6. Then, in your SMS-Man profile, click the ‘Receive SMS’ button next to the obtained phone. Wait for an OTP password.

If the code doesn’t come on the first attempt please click the button once again. After a few attempts, choose another number. Note: you get charged only after you receive the password.

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