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How to sign up Avito without phone number?


Avito is the most popular marketplace with the option to post free ads in Russia. Each day the website is visited by more than 10 million users. Here, you can sell and buy everything: from unnecessary knickknacks to cars and apartments. Users of this platform have an opportunity to create their own online store and get access to a lot of paid tools for business promotion. The only disadvantage of this website is that registration on Avito without mobile number is almost pointless.


Opportunity to create Avito account without phone number

You can register an Avito account without phone number via such popular services as Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Apple, Facebook, and Google. If you are registered on one of the websites mentioned, signing up for this trading service should not be too difficult. You just need to agree to share your data, and that’s all.

But note that such an account will have a lot of restrictions: you will not be able to write messages to sellers or buyers, and you will not be allowed to post ads. If you try to do this, you’ll see a pop-up that will require you to enter your phone number. So, if you decide to use a profile in a social network to sign up on Avito without phone, you will be allowed only to view ads. No doubt, that is not the best way to use the website.

The best way to sign up on Avito without the cell phone

If you are wondering how to join the marketplace and get access to all the functions, then I will tell you about the most convenient method, which I often use for SMS activation in messengers and services with free ads such as Avito and OLX.

virtual numbers for Avito

On the Internet, there are services that offer virtual numbers for a certain period of time. Such temporary access is enough to pass SMS verification. You can buy such a virtual number to register on Avito without mobile number on SMS-Man.

Sms-man is the most advantageous service that offers the best price for SMS activation. Signing up for the store mentioned will cost you only 10 cents. It will allow you to receive an SMS with a verification code for registration and to create a full-fledged account. Below I’ll tell you more details on how to use this service.

How to start using Avito with virtual phone number from SMS-Man

The process is simple. You can sign up on Avito with a virtual phone number in a few clicks. Just follow our guide:

1. Create an account on


2. In the menu, select the tab “Payment” and make a deposit in a convenient way.


3. Go to the main page and choose Avito from the list of services.


4. Press the button “Buy” next to the country selected. Now, your number is displayed at the top of the homepage.


5. Go to the website of the marketplace and enter it in the form for signing up.

6. Go back to and click on “Get SMS”.

7. Enter received verification code in the registration box.

Your profile is successfully created. So, using this method, you can easily get multiple logins on Avito without phonewhich will considerably increase your chances of selling goods.

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