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How to Restore Facebook Page

how to recover my Facebook account

Everyone has at least once heard about Facebook. This is the most recognized social network in the world right now and is unlikely to lose that status in the foreseeable future. Hundreds of millions of people use it on a daily note While the total number of platform users exceeds one billion. So, it is not really surprising that the question of how to recover my Facebook account is one of the most popular questions among its customers. There are many of those who forget their credentials or get blocked due to different reasons. We will describe all the possible ways to deal with both issues in this article.

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Basic way to recover Facebook page

Losing access to a profile on Facebook is not a big deal. This social network has an effective option to restore it. You only need to remember and have access to the email address or mobile phone number linked to the account at the registration stage. If there are no problems at this point, then recovery will go easy and effectively. Below is detailed guide on how to restore Facebook account using this option:

1. Proceed to the home page of platform and press on “Forgot password?”.

2. Enter email or phone number related to lost account.

3. Begin recovery process.

Everything there to do after this to reset the password and recover Facebook profile is to receive a verification code on provided email address or mobile phone number and put it into the suggested by the system field. You will be offered an opportunity to set up a new password if entered code is correct. Once finished, log in to your page using new credentials.

How to recover my Facebook account without email and phone number?

Not knowing or being unavailable to use the email address and mobile phone number linked to the profile to restore makes the issue more difficult to solve. But not impossible. You still can try to recover it, although there is no guarantee of success. For this, contact the customer support service of the social network and submit a request for page recovery. You will be requested to provide some information about the appropriate account and depending on this customer service will decide whether it is possible to restore the profile or not. If possible, then it will be restored without the need to take any additional actions.

What to do if profile was blocked permanently?

Unfortunately, sometimes it appears to be impossible to recover page due to one or another reason. In this case, to keep using the platform, it is necessary to create a new Facebook account. However, it will be necessary to provide another mobile phone number for registration as main one is already linked to locked profile. This may seem to be a big issue for those who don’t have multiple phone numbers on their disposal. But solution is simple.

You can always get a temporary phone number with SMS-Man. Such a phone number allows signing up for any online service without the need to have and operate any other number. It is also pretty cheap. For example, a temporary phone number that is set up for registration on Facebook costs around $0.30. Everyone can afford it. So, now you know the answer to the question of “how to recover my Facebook account?” as well as how to create a new page if recovery is not possible.

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