How to restore access to Telegram without phone number?

How to restore access to Telegram without phone number?

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In this article, we will consider whether it is possible to restore Telegram without a phone number and how to create a new account inexpensively when you urgently need to use a messenger.

Is it possible to restore Telegram without a phone number?


If you are interested in the question of how to restore a telegram account without a phone number, then the answer is unequivocal – no way. The verification code from the SMS is the proof that it is its owner who enters the account. If it was so easy to restore telegrams without a phone number, then this loophole would have been used by scammers for a long time, and normal users would bypass it.

How to restore a telegram if the number is lost and you need to use the messenger urgently? The only way out is to create a new account. But buying a SIM card specifically for him will be an expensive pleasure. There is a much cheaper method and it is available online.

How to restore access to Telegram inexpensively if the number is lost?


For a long time, you can use virtual numbers to receive SMS messages to create accounts in messengers and social networks. Compared to SIM cards, they can be purchased for a minimum price. One of the most inexpensive resources offering to buy a virtual number for registration in Telegram – On this site, you can buy a number for Telegram for just 0.13$. Therefore, it is possible to restore access to telegrams if the number is lost inexpensively through our service.

In addition, you can create an account not only for a Russian number, but also for mobile operators from the USA, China, the UK and many other countries. The minimum deposit amount through payment systems is only 0.10$, which is very convenient when you need to register only one account.

It is very convenient to use the service, so SMS activation in Telegram will take a minimum of time. To complete it, follow these steps:

  1. Complete an instant registration on
    Go to the resource and go through the registration.

2. In the “Payment” section, make the required deposit amount.

3. Select the desired country of the mobile operator. Select the Telegram messenger from the list. Click on the ” Buy ” button.

When the number is purchased, you can go to the direct registration in the messenger:

  1. Open the Telegram and enter the purchased number.

2. Go back to and click “Get Sms”

3. Find the desired number (if you have purchased several) and click “Get SMS”

4. Enter the verification code into the messenger.

That’s all. Although it is impossible to restore the telegram account without a phone number, but it is very cheap to create a new profile using the Sms-man service.

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