Multiple Facebook accounts login: a detailed guide

How to register multiple Facebook accounts?

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Facebook is the largest social network in the world with about 2.5 billion active users every month. It offers a huge selection of varied features: finding friends and business partners, texting, making video calls, holding video conferences, sharing photos, videos, and other content. In short, it provides a full range of functions one expects to get from social media.

One should also note that this social network is quite easy to use. All the procedures ― from registering to publishing posts ― take minimum time and effort. And it is not surprising that so many people choose this source for both communicating and advertising their businesses. More to the point, in many cases, users want to get multiple Facebook accounts, for example, to separate personal life from business communication or to promote their products and services from several pages.

But can you have two Facebook accounts and more? Sure, but you may face certain difficulties in registering them as you will be required to verify every profile via SMS to avoid blocking. Obviously, you will need a separate number for each account. And, if you do not have extra SIM cards at hand, that may be a serious problem. Fortunately, we have a universal solution, which is quick, safe, and affordable.

How to create multiple Facebook accounts at the minimum expense?

The best variant is to use a virtual number for sign-up. You can safely use it to fill in the registration form and to receive SMS with a verification code.

Where to get such a temporary number for opening two Facebook accounts and more? Turn to us. On Sms-man, you can buy a virtual number for Facebook for $0.05. The exact price will depend on the country, where the corresponding mobile operator is registered.

If you use our service to create multiple Facebook accounts, you will not have to worry about any problems with the security system of the social platform. You will receive fully-functional profiles and will be able to use them without any limitations.

Why should you choose We offer the best temporary numbers for registering multiple account Facebook app, the cheapest prices, a huge selection of mobile operators and countries, as well as helpful user support. Besides, we offer virtual numbers for registering on other popular platforms: Instagram, WhatsApp, Tinder, and many others.

How to sign up for multiple Facebook accounts with Sms-man?

Below is a simple guide:

  1. Open and fill in a short registration form.

2. Make a deposit. Keep in mind that virtual numbers for multiple Facebook accounts login cost from $0.05. One should also note that you can use dollars, rubles, and cryptocurrency for payments.

3. Afterward, you can go to the main page again and choose a suitable number. Enter “Facebook” in the search bar.

4. Click on “Buy”.

5. From this moment, the number is yours. You can see and copy it on the page “Request History”.

6. So, you can safely go to and enter it in the registration form:

7. When Facebook sends you an activation code, go to the “Request History” page again and click on “Get SMS”:

8. After you enter the code on Facebook, registration will be finished. As you see, it will not take you more than a couple of minutes.

Why do I need a VPN when I sign up to Facebook?

When registering with Facebook, the VPN extension will help you bypass various blockers, keep your personal data safe and keep you from receiving intrusive ads in the future.When using a VPN, you only need to choose a country and an IP address that matches the country of the number you are going to use when registering.

But there is one more question left: “How many Facebook accounts can you have using“. In fact, there are no restrictions. You can open as many profiles as you want. Just use a new virtual number and different personal data for each of them.
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