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How to Register for Hubble App without a Phone Number?

Register for Hubble App without a Phone Number

Hubble Connected is a centralized platform for managing various monitoring devices. This app allows you to view connected devices comprehensively. It offers video streaming, motion event recording, image capture, and customization of sensor and notification settings for each camera linked to the user’s account.

Additionally, it provides real-time alerts for sound and motion detection directly to your mobile device. Hubble app also features the Baby Video Sleep Diary, which summarizes daily videos to help parents understand their baby’s sleep patterns. This function aims to enhance the caregiving experience by offering insights into a child’s sleep behaviors.

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Hubble Connected App Overview

The app incorporates SmartZone technology, allowing users to set specific boundaries within their homes and receive motion-triggered alerts if these boundaries are breached. These features of the Hubble connected app improve home security, allowing you to monitor designated areas for unexpected activities. 

Supporting health and wellness monitoring tools, the platform includes prenatal care features and products such as smart soothers and audio monitors, catering to various family needs. These integrations are part of their broader offerings to enhance household safety and health.

Hubble app has a suite of AI-powered features that optimize device functionality, simplifying daily tasks. The compatibility of these features with various device types ensures that it can serve a broad user base with diverse household monitoring and safety needs. 

The service provides seamless integration with various smart devices for users looking to expand their smart home ecosystem. Hubble Connected offers customized alerts and enhanced camera functionalities to maintain a secure and well-monitored environment around the clock.

The service offers a versatile tool suite that enhances user interaction with home environments, providing peace of mind through advanced monitoring and smart technology integration. For more information, you can visit their official website.

Hubble Connected App Overview
Hubble Connected Eco System Including Nursery Pal Dual Vision Baby Monitor, Guardian+ Wearable Baby Movement Monitor and Guardian Audio Montior and Smart Soother

Phone Numbers and Hubble App

Essentially, you need a phone number to complete the Hubble account. This is crucial for identity verification and two-factor authentication. You will need to receive an SMS code on your phone to verify your account. Providing the number ensures you can enhance the app’s security and interact with the application seamlessly. 

They will request the email address, username, and password alongside the number. Using this data, they manage device settings and provide customer support. Hubble Connected adheres to stringent data protection policies to ensure user information is handled securely and complies with privacy laws.

Since the provision of such sensitive data might expose your identity and contact details during security breaches or misuse attempts. If you’re concerned about phone number privacy, you can reduce the risks of linking this data to the app by sharing a virtual one-time phone number from SMS-Man.

Purchase a Virtual Number for The Hubble Account Registration

So, what is virtual phone number for Hubble ? Virtual one-time numbers, also known as temporary phone numbers, solve the problem of privacy and work completely anonymously. They don’t require a SIM card, your location or device data. All you need is any device with an internet connection, five minutes of time, and about $0.5 to purchase.

In addition, users from regions where access to services may be restricted can use such a phone number to register such restrictions. SMS-Man supports about 190 country codes that can be used for more than 2,000 services.

Notably, such phone numbers are automatically deactivated after use. When you fill out your account, changing your phone number will not be available. However, nothing awaits you in the event of a data breach. The service will treat this type of contact as normal, allowing you to confirm the Hubble code for verification.

virtual phone number

Below is the procedure that will help you get a virtual phone number via SMS-Man:

  1. Firstly, join using a Google+ account.
  2. Then, add some money using the ‘top up’ option.
  3. Pick the nation and app; press ‘buy SMS’.
  4. Spot the phone number for Gett in your archive.
  5. Copy it, use it while signing up.
  6. During the confirmation, visit the cabinet and press ‘get SMS’.
  7. Submit the Hubble code.
  8. Lastly, finalize the account registration process.

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