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How to Create Globe One Account without a Phone Number?

Create Globe One Account without a Phone Number

Globe Telecom is one of the biggest providers covering the main mobile network in the Philippines as well as one of the largest line-fixed and broadband networks. Its proprietary app called GlobeOne significantly simplifies the process of managing all the accounts in one place.

How creating a Globe account can be handy to the Globe customers, and how can you complete registration without revealing your mobile number? Let’s figure these points out in the article.

What is Globe One?

What is Globe One? GlobeOne is a mobile service for managing data consumption and Globe accounts, paying bills, earning rewards, etc. designed by the key telecom company Globe Telecom in the Philippines. Primarily, the corporation operates the largest mobile networks throughout the country with one of the largest line-fixed and broadband networks. While the GlobeOne app serves as an all-in-one digital mobile assistant that introduces to customers a wide range of quite useful features.

globe one app

What is GlobeOne in Terms of the Best Functionality?

Here are just some of the most important functions:

  • This mobile service allows customers to check your data and manage all the Globe accounts within the one all-access system. Whether it refers to Mobile Postpaid, Mobile Prepaid, TM, Prepaid WiFi or Globe At Home. You can control up to 10 accounts in the app, both yours and your loved ones. So, you do not need to leave the app anymore to review all the accounts.
  • With a GlobeOne account, it is truly convenient to pay bills. You can view balances on each account, require bill statements and check your current or previous bill details. Moreover, you can pay for subscriptions to various services right from the app, such as Spotify, Disney+, and many more.
  • Within the GlobeOne system, you can see your transaction history and all the receipts for your purchases. This makes it a highly comfortable tool for managing your finances.
  • The app also encourages users by paying rewards with every transaction. This is how you are able to grab profitable discounts and promos from the app’s partners such as Zalora, Lazada, and others you can shop on with your GlobeOne’s rewards. So, redeeming rewards is really satisfying within GlobeOne.
  • What is more, after you have finished the GlobeOne log in, you can manage all your promos to the services you are subscribed to in one place.
  • And finally, technical support is always ready to help you. Among other things, you can connect it to whether you have to fix any bugs, learn how you can modify your accounts, and other issues.

Is Using a Globe Account Safe for Your Data Privacy?

What is GlobeOne when it comes to how the app protects confidentiality of the user data? According to the unified privacy policy related to all the Globe products and services, the team assures that they know how important data security is for users, as well as insisting they can be trusted in this matter.

Moreover, the app officially claims that they collect user data for internal purposes. Though they highligh reporting about what personal data they are collecting, the purpose of it, as well as what legal criteria they rely on. What is more, they also openly state that they can both receive your personal data from external parties and provide the data of the Globe account holders to its partnership network, containing service providers, vendors, and other organizations. Though, they underline that the purpose of use is strictly restricted under the contract provisions.

So, before registering in the app, you must keep in mind that such personal data as name (if providing a real one), email, phone number, etc. can be disclosed or stolen by hackers. However, to avoid leaking your personal mobile number, consifder purchasing a virtual phone number for Globe with restricted duration.

is globe one safe

How to Register Globe Account without a Phone Number?

Virtual phone numbers for one-time use or the longer rental period is one of the best options to keep your private phone number safe from the hands of web intruders and fraudsters. Moreover, using such a tool toughly increases the level of your anonymity on the web. Here is why it may be quite handy for receiving a Globe code.

First, because it does not require to reveal any proof of identity, compared to conventional cellular numbers. Second, it operates through the specialized platform in the cloud. So there is no need to disclose your geolocation and device you are using. What is more, due to the SMS-Man vendor supporting 190+ national codes, you can virtually register from the majority of the countries regardless of where you are physically located.

This way, it is also a great opportunity to gain access to the services and platforms that are not accessible from your living area.

virtual phone number

So, how can you receive an OTP for a virtual phone number for Globe from SMS-man? Follow the instructions below:

  1. Register an account on using email or a social media account.
  2. Top up your account balance by selecting the optimal way, including VISA, Payeer, AliPay, crypto and other options.
  3. In the left menu, open “Receive SMS”, select the service (Globe) and the country (Philippines). Click “Purchase”.
  4. Then, copy the number from “History” below and provide it to register an account in Globe.
  5. After that, to request a Globe code, return to the SMS-man page and click “Get SMS” near the number.
  6. Utilize the OTP to finish verification.

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