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How to register Bolt account without phone number


Gone are the days when a cab could only be called by phone or “caught” in the  street. Now calling a taxi is a couple of taps on an app and a couple of minutes of waiting. This is made possible by modern services – taxi aggregators.

The number of mobile services for calling a cab includes, for example, the company Yandex. However, it is not the only company that offers this kind of service. There is decent competition in the market for passenger transportation, which allows you to reduce the overall cost of travel and provide customers with the most convenient service. You have most likely heard of such a mobile service as Bolt.In this article you will learn how to get bonuses and discounts on mobile service to call a cab with a virtual number.

bolt cab

Mobile cab service 

Bolt, formerly known as Taxify, is an Estonian international private company originally from Tallinn. The company has released a dedicated mobile app to find, call and pay for both cabs and private drivers. Since September 2018, the company has offered reservations and use of electric scooters.

In February 2019, Bolt operated in 30 countries and 50 cities in Europe, Africa, West Asia and Australia. More than 25 million users take rides through the Bolt app, and more than 500,000 drivers use it to make rides. It entered the food delivery market in July 2019 and launched electric bike rentals in July 2020. 

bolt cab

Bonuses and discounts in Bolt 

Everyone knows that when a user initially signs up, they get a lot of bonuses and discounts. What if the discounts were endless? It is real! To do this, you can create multiple accounts. With each new registration you will receive bonuses and promo codes. You can use various services with virtual numbers to register. Thanks to these services you can buy a virtual number and get an sms to register. A good example of this service is Sms-man.

This service allows you to receive sms without using your cell phone, and the only thing you need is an internet connection. In order to receive a message, it is enough to use the service. The prices on the site are low. They also have a telegram channel where you can get the number for free. You can get a number to register with Bolt from $0.15. First, you need to register on the site, then top up your balance. After this you can purchase a number. On the main page of the site you choose the country and the necessary service – Bolt. Enter the code you received to register and you get bonuses and discounts for cab rides.

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