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How to Recover Tinder Account without a Phone Number?

Recover Tinder Account without a Phone Number

Have you just discovered that you can’t log into Tinder with phone number? Well, this probably means that your account has been blocked or suspended. But do not panic, since there are a few methods to reactivate your profile, depending on the circumstances.

In the blog post, we will delve into how you can do it. Moreover, we will figure it out how to set up a new account on Tinder with a virtual phone number.


Why Is Your Tinder Account Blocked?

If you can’t log into Tinder account with phone number and suppose that it was blocked, first, you need to figure it out why it happened.

The most common reasons why the dating application blocks user accounts, after which they get blacklisted, include:

  • Complaints about unwanted behavior. Other account holders can report your account for sending them inappropriate messages, threats, abusive behavior, and more.
  • Using automatic scripts. Another reason when you need to recover Tinder account is leveraging automatic scripts, including setting automatic likes or messaging to multiple users at once, the system will track this activity and classify it as spam. Besides, the application also prohibits embedding any third-party code into it.
  • Age falsification. If you indicate a false age during the registration, the system will also block your profile.
  • Violation of the rules. This seems to be the most common reason for the need to reactivate Tinder account. By posting falsified data while filling out your profile, inappropriate content, etc., you go against Tinder’s community rules.
  • Fraud. If you utilize your account for fraudulent purposes, for example, to send suspended links to other users with the intent to defraud money and sensitive information from them, earlier or later this will lead to account blocking.

Moreover, you need to know that Tinder also deactivates the accounts of users who have not logged into their account for more than two years, as well as those who violate copyrights, engage in advertising and propaganda.

How to Recover Tinder Account After It is Blocked?

If you broke the ToS and community rules of this dating service, you can hardly do anything to recover Tinder account. The explanation is that Tinder developers maintain a safe environment for their user community.

Thus, even if you write to Tinder’s support, they will probably inform you that since you broke the platform’s core rules, it cannot unblock your account.

But, if you are sure that your profile was sent into the black list without a grounded reason — for example, an offended user wrote a complaint against it, or the platform blocked it by mistake, you need to contact the support team to thoroughly explain the situation. You can do this via email or by filling out Tinder’s feedback form.

In addition to describing the situation in details, you also need to provide authentication data, including a connected phone number for Tinder and email address, and then request that your account to be unblocked. After Tinder unblocks your profile, be cautious with not violating the platform’s ToS so as not to get under blocking again.

tinder app

Make sure that you do not:

  • Send inappropriate messages and content to other users.
  • Insult other community members.
  • Submit the deceiving information while filling out the sign-up form, etc.

How to Make a New Tinder Account?

If the platform permanently blocked your profile, and writing to support does not help, you will have to register a fresh account. Luckily, the service does not prohibit using the same first and last name, as well as pictures. But when registering, you will also need to provide unique identification data that you have not previously applied on the platform: email address and mobile number.

If there should be no difficulty with registering a new mailbox, then purchasing a SIM card requires you to reveal documents and may take too much time. Instead, to make a new Tinder account faster and online, consider obtaining a cost-effective temporary virtual number for Tinder registration.

Virtual Phone Number for Tinder Account

Temporary virtual numbers are an effective method for passing verification without using a SIM card. It works for most global and local instant messengers, social networks, payment services, online stores, dating applications, and many other useful platforms.

SMS–Man’s virtual numbers are highly convenient if your current phone number is already in use. Or if you want to hide it since you are concerned that can be leaked due to database hacks. In addition, using a virtual phone number, you can access platforms restricted in your country or those websites that only accept local mobile numbers. Another scenario is registering numerous accounts at once, for example, for promoting purposes.

With virtual phone numbers from SMS-Man, you can register on 1000+ global platforms and applications from 190+ countries. A virtual phone number for one-time registration costs <$0.50.

virtual phone number from sms man

To buy a virtual phone number for Tinder brand-new account, adhere to instructions:

  1. Sign up for via email or through verified social media.
  2. Replenish money to the balance in a suitable way, including VISA, Payeer, WeChat, cryptos, and more.
  3. For one-time usage, open the ‘Receive SMS’ tab, opt for the country and find ‘Tinder’ among the services. Tap ‘Buy’.
  4. Scroll the homepage, copy the number from ‘History’ and submit it to Tinder.
  5. Get back to SMS-man and click ‘Receive SMS’ to request a code.
  6. Utilize the code to finalize registration.

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