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How to Recover Facebook Account without a Phone Number?

How to Recover Facebook Account without a Phone Number?

What to do if you forgot your Facebook password and cannot log in to the account? If you feel puzzled with the challenge of a forgotten Facebook password, preventing login to your account, fret not. Because many social network users have encountered the same. Particularly those accustomed to seamless logins who suddenly find themselves unable to recall their passwords. Whether triggered by a new smartphone acquisition, system updates, or prolonged inactivity, the process of restoring your Facebook account remains achievable without revealing your private phone number.

In this blog post, we will explore the steps to restore access while maintaining privacy of the personal data, such as your phone number, and concurrently furnish guidance on how to create a new Facebook page.

Restore Facebook

The Significance of Adding Contacts during Facebook Registration

During the initial setup of your profile, you likely granted an email address and generated a password. The system might have prompted you to tie a mobile number, which is crucial for future account recovery. By submitting your email address in the recovery panel, the system scans its database, offering rehabilitation methods for your forgotten password.

So, answering to “What to do if you forgot your Facebook password?” opt for a suitable option:

  • Leverage Gmail account login. If your Gmail account is tied to your Facebook account, employ it for a seamless login, particularly usual for users of Android-driven devices.
  • Get Code via Email. Opt for a password reset link sent to your email address. Follow the link to generate a new password. Next, ensure you wrote it down on a piece of paper or in notes’ application.
  • Obtain Code through SMS. If your mobile number is linked in account settings, restore Facebook account via phone number verification. Exercise caution regarding data leaks and enhance security with two-step authentication.

How to Restore Facebook without Email Access?

In scenarios where users lose access to the email address tied to the Facebook account, get back to the preceding section to employ the remaining recovery ways.

Restoring Facebook If You Did Not Link the Phone Number

If you initially signed up without providing a phone number, didn’t link a Google account, and cannot recall your email details, the only solution is to learn how to create a new Facebook page. For preserving privacy, avoid sharing your phone number and utilize a virtual phone number to thwart potential spam.

How to Create a New Facebook Page without a Phone Number?

How to Create a New Facebook Page without a Phone Number?

Since Meta Inc. is known for sharing user data with external organizations, you do not have to add your private mobile number to their database. More wisely, consider the use of a temporary virtual number. It will allow you not only to recover Facebook account without phone number and sustain anonymity on the platform, but also when needing to set up several profiles by renting a number for up to 3 months in a row.

Operating through online platforms like SMS-Man, virtual phone numbers do not require using a SIM card and lack ties to a physical geolocation. When registering with the SMS-man vendor, you get access to issued numbers with over 190 national codes. The list includes the USA, Singapore, Thailand, Germany, Malaysia, Iran, and more.

Within your personal profile, you can receive OTP codes for verification for over 1000 local and global supported services and applications. An OTP for one-time usage will cost you less than $1.

Next, let’s explore how to create a new Facebook page using a virtual phone number through the vendor.

virtual phone number from sms man

How to Restore Facebook with a Virtual Phone Number?

Getting an OTP for a new account on the social platform through SMS-Man does not take much time.

Execute the following actions to learn how to create a new Facebook page using a virtual phone number:

  1. Register an account at through email or social media.
  2. Replenish your balance through available options, including VISA, Payeer, WeChat, Alipay, cryptocurrencies, and more.
  3. Select your country and opt for ‘Facebook’ at the ‘Receive SMS’ tab.
  4. Nap the purchase button and copy the number from the ‘History’ section below.
  5. Deploy the number to sign up for Facebook without phone number (private one).
  6. Retrieve the confirmation code from SMS-man by clicking ‘Receive SMS’ next to the number.

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