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How to pass registration without a phone number

create email account without phone number

These days email services are not used as often as before. They were replaced by social networking and instant messaging services. However, having an email address is still essential. You can use it to get in touch with large companies as well as to sign up for various platforms on the internet. Creating one might become an issue though due to mobile number verification that some services implement in their systems to get rid of spammers and make their products more secure overall. Struggling with registration because of this? Here is how to create email account without phone number on logo

What is this email service? is one of the services that belong to the technological company VK. Initially, it was just an email service. But further, similar to Yahoo, this platform has grown with more and more features. Right now it serves as a single “entry point” for company-owned solutions such as an email service, social network, cloud services, and instant messengers. In addition, there are also multiple additional websites in certain spheres including news, health, cars, movies, and so on.

Even though the platform offers several solutions, mail ru email address is still the most popular among them. There are millions of people who use it. However, there are also some who cannot register an account with it because of the need to verify their own mobile cell number. It is not necessary to worry if you are one of them though. This issue has a simple and effective solution.

How to create email account without phone number?

There is no way to circumvent mobile phone number verification in case the website or app demands it during registration and provides no other choices. Although completing this process without using your own mobile number is yet an easy task. This is possible with a fake cell number for verification. Those numbers allow receiving verification codes from online services to register with them. You can use them to create Mail account without phone number too.

Taking advantage of this feature doesn’t involve performing any complicated actions. Fake numbers are provided by appropriate resources on the internet so everything is prepared for convenient use. You just have to follow certain steps. We will explain them below. registration with a fake number

This process consists of two stages. The first one is obtaining a fake number. SMS-Man service, which offers fake numbers in several countries, makes this feasible. The second step is using that number. It is even easier than the first action. Here is how to perform them both for english registration:

1. Open a new profile on

2. Refill the balance of this profile with one of the presented payment methods.

3. On the home page, choose the country in which the fake phone number is located. It is recommended to choose Russia, however, there is nothing wrong with using numbers from other countries.

4. Proceed to the tab with online services and find

5. Get a fake number by purchasing it.

6. Start the registration process on the chosen platform with the received number.

7. Finish registration using an obtained one-time password.

This is how to sign up for Mail without phone number. This opportunity is available from anywhere in the world. You can do this even when located on some island. It makes it a great solution for those who want to avoid using the personal phone number on the web.

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