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How to Make Tilda Account without a Phone Number?

Make Tilda Account without a Phone Number

Websites made on Tilda stand out with their contemporary interface designs, reliability, and user-friendly experience. This website development platform shows an extensive range of templates, features & tools that let it compete with WordPress and Wix, captivating millions of users worldwide.

Moreover, the basic services are free, but additional features may require a subscription. In addition, creating a Tilda account needs your phone number and other important information. SMS-man has prepared a detailed guide to help you easily cope with this requirement, and start using the service anonymously.

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What is Tilda Feature-wise?

So, Tilda empowers individuals and businesses to grow their online presence by enabling the creation of sophisticated websites without any coding knowledge. It provides a suite of 550+ customizable templates, forms, figures and blocks, catering to diverse online ventures, such as corporate websites, landing pages, portfolios, online marketplaces, or educational courses. 

Websites made on Tilda are favorable to search algorithms, ensuring better visibility. This advantage stems from the sequential arrangement of content blocks and advanced picture processing technologies, which minimize the loading time—a key factor in search engine preferences. It also allows you to fine-tune SEO settings such as meta tags, descriptions, and headings. 

Apart from its intuitive design and SEO optimization capabilities, what is Tilda doing to stand out? Users can publish their websites directly on Tilda’s servers or export them to an external host. This flexibility eliminates the need for separate hosting services, presenting a cost-effective solution for many. 

Tilda’s code export feature allows you to transfer the website you’ve built into a zip archive containing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. This feature is exclusive to the third level of subscription,  which not only enables code export but also grants the features of the second one. These include expanded access to their blocks, templates, and forms.

Tilda website builder offers a suite of tools for amplifying online marketing efforts. You can try tools for managing ad campaigns, handling promo codes, integrating delivery services, automating order confirmations, tracking leads & customers, and incorporating price calculators. For reliable and efficient payment processing, consider integrating your site with affiliated payment platforms such as Stripe, PayPal, Cloudpayments, and Robokassa.

So, given its focus on the absence of coding in building websites, both beginners and professionals can enjoy it. Consider registering the Tilda account, if you want to join its community.

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Tilda Account Registration Explained

You need to add an email or phone number, your name, and a password. To ensure security, a letter or SMS code will verify your contact number or address. Once your account is complete, the service will suggest three subscription plans: free, personal, & business. Pick the one that fits your needs, and you’re ready to create websites.

As in other services, verifying your email or number during the Tilda registration process plays a role in safeguarding your account. This step helps them prevent unauthorized access by hackers and recover your account if necessary. Furthermore, this information lets them organize user activities.

Given the prevalence of data leaks & security breaches affecting online services, it’s wise to consider when and where you share your personal information. Such incidents can result in your data falling into the hands of spammers, leading to unwanted SMS texts, calls, and emails. To protect your privacy, consider using alternative information during the Tilda registration process.

You can select a phone number as your signup option, and replace it with a virtual number. Below, SMS-man describes these numbers and shows how to use them.

Virtual Phone Number for Tilda Registration

In general, virtual numbers work apart from any SIM card, relying on cloud software instead. You don’t need to prove your identity to purchase one. It makes using such a product fully anonymous. Hundreds of websites sell them legally across the world, so you won’t break the law while using them. 

What is Tilda doing with these phone numbers? The service treats them as regular, sending a verification code via SMS. Just add this code and complete your account registration process. SMS-Man sells one-time phone numbers for less than 1$. They work from 150+ countries and 1,500 different web services including Tilda.

virtual phone number from sms man

Here is how to buy and activate a virtual phone number:

  1. Register at with your e-mail address.
  2. Click “Top up my balance” and deposit money.
  3. Choose one of the available countries and Tilda service
  4. Then, click “buy SMS” next to the service icon.
  5. Go to the “History” section to copy your phone number.
  6. Paste it in when registering your Tilda account.
  7. Go back to SMS-Man and click “Get SMS” to see the code.
  8. Use the verification code to complete your registration.

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