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How to Make Multiple Telegram Accounts to Earn on Hamster Combat?

Make Multiple Telegram Accounts to Earn on Hamster Combat

What is Hamster Combat? This is a Telegram bot that allows users to engage in a unique virtual pet battle game. Players can train and let their hamsters fight others for rewards and leaderboards. It has become a very popular bot due to its interactive gameplay and the possibility of earning rewards.

Earning on Hamster Combat involves actively participating in hamster battles, training pets, and completing in-game tasks. This article guides you through earning with Hamster Combat in Telegram, setting up multiple accounts, and how to utilize virtual numbers for secure and anonymous account creation.

What is Hamster Combat

What is Hamster Combat?

Players can earn in-game currency and rewards by winning battles and participating in events. The key to success in Hamster Combat is staying actively involved and planning strategically. You can also earn rewards by referring friends to join the game and have their hamsters battle it out.

So, how to earn in Hamster Combat? To boost your earnings, invest time in training your pets to enhance their skills and abilities. Regular training sessions and upgrades will increase your chances of winning battles, leading to higher earnings. In addition, taking part in special events and challenges hosted by the bot can offer substantial rewards.

Another strategy is to diversify your collection by getting different breeds, each with its strengths and abilities. This way, you can customize your battle strategy to handle various opponents in Hamster Combat bot battles more effectively. By carefully managing your pets, you can keep a competitive edge in battles and maximize your rewards.

Its referral programs offer an extra way to earn income. By inviting new players to join the game, you receive referral bonuses once they sign up and start playing. This helps you increase your earnings and also grows the player base, leading to more exciting and rewarding battles. Keeping your referrals active and engaged can further maximize your potential earnings.

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Why You Need to Create Telegram Multiple Account to Earn in Hamster Combat

Registering several accounts in TG can be highly beneficial when you play the Hamster combat bot. Each account can participate independently in battles, training, and referrals, multiplying opportunities to earn rewards. With numerous accounts, you can experiment with different strategies and diversify your in-game investments.

Telegram needs a number for registration, ensuring each user is unique and can be confirmed. However, having multiple accounts traditionally means having multiple numbers, which can be cumbersome and expensive. By using one-time mobile numbers from services like SMS-Man, you can easily set up Telegram multiple accounts without an extra SIM.

How One-Time Virtual Phone Numbers Work?

One-time phone numbers are virtual numbers that can receive messages, including SMS codes necessary for registration on platforms like Telegram. These numbers are not tied to any specific user or device, adding a layer of security. Services like SMS-Man offer these phone numbers for a small fee of around $1 apiece, making them accessible and convenient.

So, how to earn in Hamster Combat with a TG account registered with such a number? Utilizing virtual numbers, you can register an account without exposing your real number. It helps maintain privacy and protects your primary contact from scams or unsolicited messages. Once you obtain the message via the virtual number, you can finish the registration for a new account.

SMS-Man offers a range of virtual numbers from different nations. This flexibility lets you select a number from 180+ countries and use it when registering in one of over 2K applications.

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The process of obtaining a virtual number and setting up Telegram multiple accounts is simple:

  1. Visit the website and sign up for an account.
  2. Select your country and the service you need the number for, in this case, Telegram.
  3. Pick a number from the list of available options.
  4. Complete the purchase and receive the number instantly.
  5. Use this number to register on Telegram and receive the code.
  6. Add the code in Telegram to confirm your new account.
  7. Repeat the process as many times as necessary to multiply your earnings from Hamster Combat in Telegram.

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