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How to make fake Tinder profiles without a phone number

fake Tinder profiles

Tinder is a dating online service with millions of users from various countries. People use it to make friends and build relationships. But even though this platform is about being real to others, there are a lot of those who would like to or already make fake Tinder profiles for some reason. It might become necessary in really different cases. However, this process doesn’t always go easy as creating every account requires verifying a new phone number. Many people simply get stuck at this point. Facing the same issue? Then read our article to find out how to fix it.

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What are fake Tinder profiles?

Fake accounts don’t really differ depending on what online service they were created on. So profiles of that type existing on Tinder are the same as ones existing on other platforms. Their main purpose is to hide the real identity of users or make them look like completely another person. Signing up for at least one fake Tinder account might be useful in many various situations. For example, when it is required to either not let friends and relatives know that you are using this service or remain anonymous to exclude gaining unwanted attention which often doesn’t end just on Tinder.

But whether it is one of those or some other reason to create such a profile, doing that with a personal mobile number is surely not a good idea as in this case account won’t be really fake. You should perform this with a fake phone number. Such numbers exist specifically for confidential registration on different online platforms. Using them in order to register fake Tinder accounts is also possible. Moreover, they allow the creation of an unlimited number of accounts. There are no limitations on how many fake numbers a single person can use.

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How to make a fake Tinder account without a phone number?

So, as we have previously determined, it is not only possible but also necessary to do it without using your own number. Performing this task takes with the help of a fake phone number that is available on appropriate online platforms including SMS-Man. You can get and use it within a few minutes. There is no need to either go anywhere or order any hardware. Just follow our simple instructions to find out in detail how to make a fake Tinder profile:

1. Open the registration form at and sign up for an account.

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2. Stick with a suitable payment option from the appropriate tab and use it to replenish your balance.

3. Choose the required mobile provider country on the main page.

4. Proceed to the list of supported services and search for Tinder.

5. Buy a fake number by pressing the appropriate button.

6. Use it for registration.

7. Click on “Get SMS” to see the verification code.

8. Copy and use the received code for identity verification.

9. Set up a fake name and profile picture or photo to finish the process.

This is how to make a completely fake Tinder account using no personal mobile number. Such opportunity is available for everyone without exceptions as all the processes take place on the internet. There is no need to go anywhere as well as provide personal data to operate fake phone numbers. Want to create multiple profiles? It is not a problem either.

How to sign up for multiple profiles?

Earlier it was stated that there are no limitations on how many fake numbers each person can activate. So if there is a need to sign up for multiple fake Tinder profiles then everything that is necessary to do is to literally keep getting and activating new fake phone numbers over and over again. It works in exactly the same way whether it is a first or tenth number. With that said, you can just use the instructions from above to register multiple fake accounts on Tinder with fake numbers.

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