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How to make a new Periscope account using a virtual phone number

how to use Periscope without a phone number

Periscope is an app for making video calls and streaming videos that also has some other features. Basically, it is a good place for those who would like to promote themselves on the internet. But after all this platform is just a simple and convenient project for chatting with friends and relatives as well as meeting new people. There are millions of people who enjoy its options on a daily note. Find out how to use Periscope without a phone number as well as sign up for an account on this platform with a virtual phone number.

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How to use Periscope without a phone number?

Using a phone number is not really necessary to register on this app. There are two ways to perform that and one of them is registration with an account on Twitter. You can just use your profile on a well-known social network to register a new Periscope account. There is no need for anything else except this. That option is worth taking advantage of because of its simplicity. But sometimes it is not possible to use a Twitter profile for some reason or there is even no one.

So here comes another way of registration which is completed using a mobile number. It is ain’t not difficult. However, like in the previous case, proceeding with this as there could be no number available. Leaving with no options is really not good. Luckily our days there is no need to get upset at this point. You can create a Periscope account having either no profile on Twitter or a personal mobile number on hand by using a virtual number for this purpose.

Virtual number for registration

That feature is available for use online and thereby can be operated from any country in the world. There are a bunch of websites and apps on the internet that offer it. SMS-Man does that too. Before heading to instructions on how to make a new Periscope account with a virtual phone number it is necessary for a user to get one. So here is how to do it in just a few minutes:

1. Proceed to the registration option at and sign up for the profile.

2. Make a replenishment with one of those payment methods that are supported.

3. On the start page of the website choose the required issuing country of the virtual number.

4. Find a tab with websites and apps down the page and search for Periscope.

5. Purchase a virtual number.

You will automatically get a virtual number right away if there are some available. If not, then just try changing its issuing country. It doesn’t really matter in this case. There is nothing wrong with activating numbers from other countries. Anyway, now it’s time to use our virtual number to create an account.

Periscope sign up with a virtual phone number

Doing registration with a virtual number is literally a piece of cake. The only difference between this process and using a basic phone number is that OTP will arrive on the website. It works absolutely the same in any other regard. With that said and answering the question of how to make a Periscope profile with a virtual phone number, it is necessary to do the following:

1. Put a virtual number on the sign up form.

2. Send a verification code and click “Get SMS” on the website to see it.

3. Register with the received code.

That’s it. Created account is no different from the one you would create with your own mobile phone number. Now you exactly know how to use periscope without a phone number as well as with a virtual phone number and can perform appropriate tasks with this knowledge.

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