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How to Make a New iHerb Account without a Phone Number?

How to Make a New iHerb Account without a Phone Number?

What is iHerb? iHerb is an American company that operates as an online store with shipping options spanning 185 countries. It’s a big supplier of vitamins, supplements, beauty products, baby products, etc. It’s known for high quality, large variety of goods, fast service and excellent layout.

You can buy and sell on iHerb, which requires dedicated buyer/vendor accounts. You can get banned on iHerb for inappropriate behavior, fraud, abusing support agents, etc. If you do, it’s possible to create a new account with ease. They require a phone number to register, but you can buy a spare one online.

iherb app

Features and Benefits of iHerb

What is iHerb feature-wise? iHerb is similar to other marketplaces like Amazon or AliExpress. Many listings are created by vendors, who choose to partner with iHerb for a place to sell products. The purchase and sale are available in mobile and browser form.

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The marketplace overall offers these benefits:

  • High-quality goods
  • Verifiable authenticity
  • Variety of categories
  • Fast worldwide shipping
  • Excellent customer service

iHerb focuses on supplements (the biggest group of products), which splits into numerous other categories, including natural and synthesized substances of all stripes. Sports nutrition, baby produce, bath products, and even groceries are likewise available. You can sort by brand, as well as vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, kosher, organic, and similar settings.

Using the iHerb app is a convenient way to order health and wellness products. The layout is simple, it supports 16 languages (including Chinese, Korean, Arabic, etc.), and countless currencies. You can set the country and see payment and shipping methods available. The user experience is full of comfort and utility, making it a must-have for people interested in vitamins and beauty products.

Users need an iHerb account to access most features on the platform. Browsing the wares is possible via the browser version, but actual buying or selling is only available with an account. To set up a vendor account, users must submit extra info, but a typical buyer account is registered within a minute.

iHerb Registration Process

The iHerb registration process is simple for buyer accounts. You must share an email/phone number and a password. Using an email is a security risk, but a mobile number is even riskier. The app demands one as a way of identity verification to stop people from owning multiple accounts.

It supposedly helps with the ban circumvention issues – blocked users trying to use iHerb with a new account. It’s ineffective because anyone can purchase a virtual number online (more on that later). Besides approving accounts, the number is only used to receive security messages (for instance, to sign in iHerb).

The detail isn’t integral to the experience, meaning there’s no harm in replacing your personal number with a spare. A spare number allows people to give iHerb data that is unrelated to them instead of a personal number or email. And it’s wise, because security leaks, data theft, and basic mismanagement can happen. Thus, your number can find itself in open access or worse.

So, what is iHerb, a security risk? Nothing suggests that iHerb is a bad company that sells user data to third parties. However, you can never know which of the hundreds of apps you registered on ends up leaking your data. We suggest you get a safe virtual number for such purposes. And what is a virtual number, anyway? Let’s find out. 

Features and Benefits of iHerb

Can I create iHerb account without a Phone Number?

Virtual numbers are phone numbers maintained and sold online. You basically reroute the functionality of a phone number, whose native hardware is located elsewhere. This way, users can receive messages by getting a number online and sharing it during registration. The method is effective, legal and much cheaper than buying a new SIM card.

SMS-man is a major vendor of virtual phone numbers. The company focuses on the SMS receiving function, excellent for creating accounts on the Internet. To register, all you need is a one-time verification code, which can be received at the leased virtual number.

virtual phone number for iherb

To purchase a virtual phone number for iHerb, follow these steps:

  1. Join using your Google+ or social media account.
  2. Open the ” Top up my balance” page from the left menu to make a deposit.
  3. Select your country and iHerb service, then click the purchase button.
  4. Find and copy the virtual number in the “History” section.
  5. Use it when registering and wait for the verification code.
  6. To get it, go back to SMS-man and click “get SMS”.
  7. Complete the process of creating an account.

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