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How to get Malaysian virtual number to register Pinduoduo

Pinduoduo app

Pinduoduo app is one of the biggest services that focus on agriculture in the world. Its main purpose is to connect farmers with consumers without intermediaries in the form of supermarkets. Individuals can use it to purchase various products from original sellers online. However, despite the many advantages, a lot of users face a problem when using this platform. It is expressed in the need to complete mobile number verification while signing up. Just like many other Chinese services this one has a narrow range of supported countries. Read our article to find out how to obtain a virtual number in Malaysia that is fully suitable for creating an account on this service.

Pinduoduo app as simple way to buy from farmers directly

A key feature of the platform is the ability to purchase goods from original producers. First of all, it opens up a great choice. In accordance with official figures, more than 12 million people were offering their products on the platform in 2019. But the choice is not limited to fruits and vegetables. The service also offers products in categories such as fashion, household and electronics. This feature is only what lies on the surface, though, In fact, the list of Pinduoduo advantages includes many more points. So here they are:

  • Goods giveaways from officials of the platform for performing different actions such as following their accounts on social media sites;
  • Lotteries that allow winning products for a nominal fee;
  • Discount coupons to encourage out-of-the-box purchases;
  • Developed and generous referral system;
  • Leaderboards for the most rewarded users in service.

Pinduoduo app

Mentioned above features make the Pinduoduo shopping website a pioneer in e-commerce. It was the first to launch such trends as consumer-to-manufacturer and social commerce. Today this platform is considered one of the most interactive and experiential among competitors.

How to get Malaysia virtual phone number for Pinduoduo?

The platform currently supports registration with a phone number from several countries. Obviously, the best option is a phone number from China. But what to do if there is no one? Malaysia virtual phone number for Pinduoduo is an effective solution for this issue. It is inexpensive and allows to easily register an account with the service. Read below how to get such a number by completing few a simple steps:

1. Proceed to website and sign up for a profile.

SMS-Man register

2. Open the payment tab and use one of the available methods to top up your balance.

SMS-Man recharge

3. Go back to the home page of the service and choose Malaysia from the list of countries.

virtual phone number Malaysia

4. Scroll the page a little down to the list with apps and choose the option called “Any other”.

Malaysia virtual number for Pinduoduo

5. Click the buy button to receive a virtual phone number Malaysia.

buy Malaysia virtual number for Pinduoduo

So this is pretty much everything you have to do. This service is available to both individuals and large companies. In both cases, there is no need to disclose your personal data, so it is not only more profitable but also much more convenient than purchasing a SIM card. Now let’s use our virtual number to sign up for the Pinduoduo app and get full access to its features.

Going through the Pinduoduo register process with a virtual number

In the whole process of activating a virtual mobile number, the hardest part is obtaining it. So after that, things get a lot easier. First, you need to enter the received virtual number on the Pinduoduo register page. It is done in the same way as with the real number. The next step is to request a verification code. Once completed, follow our instructions below:

1. Once again open SMS-Man and find the section with your virtual number.

Malaysia virtual number for Pinduoduo

2. Click on “Get SMS”.

Malaysia virtual number for Pinduoduo

3. Use the received confirmation code to create an account.

receive SMS with Malaysia virtual number for Pinduoduo

You just registered in popular agriculture-focused electronic commerce platforms in the world. This way to bypass Pinduoduo login without a phone number is available from anywhere in the world. Moreover, unlike purchasing a SIM card, in this case, there are no quantitative limitations. Each person can get and activate as many virtual numbers as needed. So if you need to create accounts for your friends and family members then simply go through the steps from above once again.


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