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How to get Israel virtual number to receive SMS

Israel numbers for OTP

Want to obtain Israel phone number to receive sms for popular online services, but you can’t purchase the physical one? Purchasing Israel virtual phone number is best and easiest solution. In this article we will look through how to do it!

What is a virtual phone number?

Word “virtual” is not a new word for a 21st Century person, so a virtual phone number is the same phone number we use, because of having SIM card, but have a significant difference. It’s type of number which one’s communication is broadcasted via IP protocol rather than via the classic network. The major advantage of such number is that it has no indicate to physical location, so purchasing this kind of numbers is available in any country you want. Only thing you need is stable connection to the Internet.  Our website SMS-MAN  provides a wide spectrum of virtual numbers in almost all countries. Of course, you may buy not only Israel phone numbers, but USA, UK, Canadian, Indian and numbers of other highly requested countries too.

How to get Israel mobile number by Sms-man?

  1. Go to the sms-man web-site and sign upvirtual numbers on SMS-man
  2. Add your wallet for 1 or 5 dollars. It depends on your reasons
  3. Choose Israel to receive sms online from Israel one or another service you like
  4. Choose any service you want from the services list and click “Buy” button  sms-man

The virtual number you purchased will be  automatically added to the top of main page in your purchase hostory. Now you can use it to register on Whatsapp, Telegram, KakaoTalk, LinkedIN and many other popular services . Just insert  phone number you purchased in the registration field and click “Get SMS” . In the “SMS” column you will see the verification code.

How to get phone number free?

If you want to get free virtual number, all you need to do is simply join our channel on Telegram. There we provide public virtual phone numbers from different countries, country changes every 4 hours. They can be used to sign up on any popular online services. For instance: Shopee, Vinted, Tinder, Discrod and etc  . Make sure to check it out!
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