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How to get fake phone number for Facebook

How to get fake phone number for Facebook

Facebook is considered the most favoured social networking platform on the planet. Every day it is used by hundreds of millions of people. But great popularity always goes along with the high activity of fraudsters. Deception of users has long been commonplace on this service leading to an increase in the demand for such a service as fake phone numbers. This feature helps to increase privacy when using any site. It is also a good solution for those who got their real number blocked for some reason but still want to keep using the platform. Read our article to find out how to create new Facebook page and deal with both mentioned issues using virtual telephony opportunities.

Significant increase in privacy and confidentiality

There is an opinion that fake numbers are suitable solely for playing tricks on friends and relatives. There is no doubt they are good for it. However, their list of uses does not end there. They are also popular among those who care about their privacy on the internet. It is relevant for the phone number for Facebook as well. Such a simple feature gives the opportunity to create an account on the most demanded social network without using your own number at all. How does this help to increase confidentiality?

create new Facebook page

Well, first of all, it reduces the damage if the profile is hacked since the intruder will see your fake phone number for Facebook instead a real one. Such a number cannot be associated with its user using any tools. Therefore, its use for fraudulent actions is also impossible. The same applies to data leaks which are commonplace even in the case of well-known online services. In both mentioned situations there is no need to worry about your personal phone number being used for bad purposes because it will be hidden from the eyes of intruders.

A fake number is also a great solution for those who want to make their profile public without it leading to receiving unnecessary attention. When viewing the account visitors will only see this number without being able to do anything with it.

Create new Facebook page in unlimited quantities

In addition to increased privacy, fake phone numbers also have another significant advantage. You can use them to register multiple Facebook accounts at the lowest possible cost. In contrast to the purchase of a SIM card, in this case, each user has no limits on the numbers available for buying. So it is possible to create an unlimited amount of profiles. Everything is limited only by the goals set.

create unlimited Facebook accounts

Obtaining a fake phone number for Facebook

Taking advantage of such a service does not require a technology expert. There are a lot of services on the internet that provide the opportunity to obtain a fake cell phone for Facebook phone number verification. One of them is OTP receiving platform SMS-Man. You can use it to deal with mobile verification on all the popular websites and apps. Read below to find out how to get a fake Facebook number with it:

1. The first step is to register at You can do it with your mailbox or social media site account

SMS-Man register

2. Now open the payment tab on the website and replenish your balance with a suitable option.

SMS-Man account recharge

3. After that switch back to the main page of service and choose the phone number for Facebook from the desired country. Click the purchase button to get a fake number.

fake phone number for Facebook

That is basically all there is to do. Users do not need to verify their identity so it is not only fast but also confidential. Now let’s make Facebook account with a purchased fake cell number.

How to create new Facebook page with a fake number?

Signing up with a fake phone number is as easy as getting one. Although it can be a bit difficult for those who are new to this virtual telephony thing. So we have prepared a detailed manual on the subject. Here is how to create new Facebook page with a fake phone number:

1. Proceed to Facebook through the official website or mobile app.

Facebook website

2. Open profile registration form.

Facebook registration

3. Fill in all fields including one with a mobile phone number and move on to the next stage.

create new Facebook page

4. Switch back to SMS-Man and press the “Get SMS” button to see the message.

create new Facebook page with a fake number

5. Use arrived Facebook verification code to create an account.

receiving SMS to create new Facebook page with a fake number

As can be seen the whole process from getting to using a fake number for account creation takes only a few minutes. Such a service is available in any country in the world. You just need a device like a smartphone or personal computer with an internet connection. It also costs only a few tens of cents so everyone can afford themselves using this tool to make a profile on Facebook without phone number. There is nothing complicated about it at all.


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