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How to get Brazil virtual number to create iFood account

iFood Brazil account

There are millions of people which have an iFood Brazil account. Using it allows to access the biggest online food ordering and delivery platform in Latin America. Being originally launched in Brazil, now it is also available in Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia. Due to high demand, it is common for this platform to give different bonuses to old and especially new users. This has caused the growth in the popularity of virtual phone numbers for signing up on this service. In this article, we will explain how to get them in a few clicks.

What is a Brazil virtual number for SMS?

There is not much difference between it and the standard phone number that we use daily. Brazil virtual number works in a network of existing cell phone carrier from the corresponding country. Moreover, it has the same dialing code and set of digits. It is not possible to distinguish a Brazil virtual phone number from a real one when making a visual comparison.

The only thing that makes it different is the opportunity to use it online. Due to connection to an online server users can get and activate virtual numbers without a mobile phone and even the SIM card that it belongs to. So it is possible to create an iFood Brazil account from any location in the world. You do not even have to go anywhere. It takes only an internet connection and a few minutes to get a phone number for completing this task.

How to get the iFood phone number?

Getting a virtual number for receiving SMS is a simple and affordable task with SMS-Man. You do not have to do anything extraordinary. Here is a short guide on how to get a phone that may be used to create an iFood Brazil account within no longer than a few minutes:

1. Sign up for account with an email address or profile on one of a few presented platforms.

2. Use a suitable payment method to add funds to the balance.

payment SMS-MAN

3. On the main page of the service purchase Brazil virtual number for receiving SMS from iFood.

This is it. You have just bought a virtual phone number and can use it to receive a verification code for creating an iFood account. Let’s see how to do this!

How to register an iFood Brazil account with a virtual number?

After obtaining a virtual number there is not much left to do. You just need to use it for creating an iFood Brazil account as it was a real number. Follow the steps below to learn in detail how to do this:

1. Download mobile iFood app from Play Market or App Store.

iFood app sign up

2. Open registration form on the main page.

iFood app main page

3. Choose mobile phone number option.

create iFood account

4. Enter received Brazil virtual phone number and send an SMS for verification to it.

iFood verification phone number

5. Get back to SMS-Man and click the “Get SMS” button to reveal the code for finishing account creation process.

Brazil virtual number for SMS

Using this method makes it real to create iFood Brazil accounts while located in any country in the world. Moreover, its quantity is not limited by the system. So it is up to you only how many profiles to register!

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