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How to easily buy eBay account in 2023

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Everybody uses eBay. This company became one of the most famous seller website in the world. eBay can be used everywhere in the world, that do a favour to company. In this article we will speak about how to buy eBay account in 2023.

What is eBay?

eBay — is an American company providing services in the areas of online auctions (the main field of activity) and online stores . The website and its local versions in several countries were owned by eBay Enterprise but sold the division in 2015 to private equity firms Sterling Partners and Premiera Funds.

On September 5 , 1995, San Jose , California programmer Pierre Omidyar created an online auction called AuctionWeb as part of his personal website .

The famous story that eBay was supposedly created so that Pierre’s fiancée could trade PEZ dispenser toys with other collectors was made up in 1997 by the company’s public relations manager, which was later confirmed by the company itself.

The first item sold on AuctionWeb was Omidyar’s defective laser pointer , which paid $14.83 . After contacting the buyer, Pierre asked him, “did you understand that the laser pointer is faulty?”. In a reply email, the buyer explained, “I am a collector of faulty laser pointers.”

Why you may need to buy eBay account?

As an online marketplace, eBay provides a platform for individuals and businesses to buy and sell goods and services. Having an eBay account opens up a world of possibilities for both buying and selling.

For buyers, an eBay account allows you to keep track of your purchases, bid on auctions, and easily manage your payments and shipping information. You can also leave feedback for sellers, which helps build a community of trust on the platform.

For sellers, an eBay account allows you to list items for sale, manage your inventory, process payments, and ship items to buyers. You can also use eBay’s marketing tools to reach a wider audience and grow your business.

In addition to these basic features, eBay offers a range of services and benefits for its members. These include access to eBay’s Global Shipping Program, which makes it easier for sellers to reach international buyers, as well as discounts on shipping supplies and fees.

Another benefit of having an eBay account is the ability to participate in the eBay community. You can connect with other buyers and sellers, participate in forums and discussions, and receive notifications about events and promotions.

In conclusion, having an eBay account is essential if you want to take advantage of the platform’s many features and benefits. Whether you’re a buyer looking for great deals, or a seller looking to grow your business, eBay has something to offer. So why not sign up today and start experiencing the power of eBay!

How can I buy eBay account with SMS-Man?

It is very easy. Let’s go through a step-by-step guide.

  1. First of all, sign up on SMS-Man with your e-mail (you can use a temporary one)
  2. Top up your balance with one of the offered payment methods here.
  3. Return to the main page and choose the country of the number in the first field.
  4. In the field below choose the needed service and click “Buy” right to the price.
  5. Your number will be shown in the header of the website. Click right on the number to copy it.
  6. Use that number to sign up.
  7. When the app will send an SMS, return to the SMS-Man and click “Get SMS” right to the number.
  8. Paste code from the SMS to the app and finish sign up procedure

That’s all! Now you can significantly use your brand new account from SMS-Man!

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