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How to Delete Uber Account in 2024?

How to Delete Uber Account in 2024

If you are looking for a way to deactivate Uber account, please note that erasing the application from your device will not help. The account will still be active with your private data remaining stored on the company’s servers.

In today’s blog post, let’s travel over how to shut down Uber account, deleting all your user data. Also, let’s explore how to set up a fresh profile in case you will need it in the future. So, before exploring how to delete Uber account, let’s learn what the application is about.

What is an Uber App?

Uber is the leading mobile application for fast finding and hailing taxis, allowing users to get a ride to their location within minutes regardless where they are. Using the application, you can immediately calculate the cost of your upcoming trip and pay by card or in cash, track the movement of the car on the map, and also use additional options. These include adding new route points, ordering a car with a child seat, organizing grocery delivery with UberEats, etc.

For drivers, Uber is an opportunity to organize their own working hours in a flexible way and earn a stable income. Uber drivers receive 67% of the trip’s cost while the rest comes to the company’s pocket as a commission. To date, Uber brings together a huge network of drivers in different countries, most of whom drive their own cars, and the rest rent cars from the company and its partners.

To date, Uber is one the most widely used and convenient applications for ordering a taxi, along with Gett, Bold, and local taxi networks in different countries and areas. The service operates in 76 counties.

However, if you still are searching for a method of how to delete Uber account regardless if it is a user or driver one — for example, because you are concerned of potential data leaks that were already known in the past — then read the steps.

Uber app

How to Delete Uber Account on Computer?

To deactivate Uber account through the website, enter “Account and Payment” in the settings and load the “Delete my Uber account” page. If you are not logged in, first, log into your account.

Next, consent that you are going to erase your profile and fill out the “Share details” field, explaining the dues for deletion. Let’s say, you may indicate a complaint that you are not satisfied with the level of security that the company ensures. Skipping this step is not possible, because it is obligatory to provide an explanation.

Next, click “Submit” to delete Uber account.

How to Delete an Uber Account Using the Uber App?

When it comes to the mobile application, deleting a profile happens in a similar way.

After logging into your profile, enter the menu and pursue the path: Help → Account and Payment → Account Settings and Ratings → Delete my Uber account. By tapping the latter button, you bear out your desire to erase your profile. After that, as in the previous procedure, fill out the description with why you decided to give up Uber.

Once you deactivate Uber account, the company promises that it will erase your personal data from its servers within one calendar month. However, if in the future you need to sign up for a fresh Uber account, keep reading on the guidelines.

How to Create New Uber Account?

You can also register an account both on the website and in the application. The process itself is not at all complicated. It does not take much data, limited to first name, last name, email address, phone number for Uber verification and password.

When setting up a profile, you are not prohibited from using the data that was already in use. However, if you don’t like the idea of revealing your current mobile number, you can instead consider leveraging a virtual phone number to receive SMS codes.

Uber registration

Virtual Phone Number for Uber

Virtual phone numbers with limited duration are an affordable and convenient alternative to conventional mobile numbers. Since they can accept OTPs among other text messages. They are especially useful when you need to sign up for various global and local services and applications. Compared to their cellular brothers, they increase an end user’s anonymity and privacy. That is because they allow you to register from almost any virtual location you want. The technology does not change your location themselves. But along with VPN, numbers are helpful when you need to mask where you are located from any Internet source.

Therefore, such a number is a perfect option to reach any platform that is not accessible in your country due to blocking or other reasons.

Another benefit is that you do not need to use a SIM card, since an OTP comes to the vendor’s platform. With SMS-Man, you can reach 1000+ web and mobile applications without a traditional cellular number. Moreover, it provides national codes from 150+ countries.

virtual phone number from sms man

Here is how you can buy an American disposable virtual phone number for Uber registration for ~ $0.20 per:

  1. Register on using email or social media.
  2. Replenish the account balance with the required sum.
  3. At ‘Receive SMS’, select the country of the operator and then find ‘Uber’ in the search bar. Tap ‘Buy’.
  4. Scroll the homepage and copy the purchased number. Apply it for Uber registration.
  5. Get back to SMS-man, tap ‘Receive SMS’ to the right of the number.
  6. Wait when the code comes and use it for Uber.

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